need dipendent visa to bring my wife and son

haiiiiiiiiiii i am lijo working in brunei as a staff nurse,
is it possible to bring my wife and son in dependent visa,what are the documents required any salary limitation for dependent visa

hi lijo. is the hospital you are working now hiring for staff nurses? if yes, id like to apply. please send me the details of where i will apply. thank you for helping a colleague. :)

yes , you can bring wife and children , even gran parents
your employer need to issue  a reference letter for you.
you need also to give to Immigressen Officers  a copy of your Marriage certificate and the birth certificate of your children  showing their affiliation to you

the most important your employer is,  the biggest chance will you have to get visa for your  relatives


can u tell me procedure to bring my mother ( she is dependent on me ) to brunei for long term bases , my company me family visa on which i can bring my family , need info how to bring my mother to brunei

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