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I will be moving to Ho Chi Minh in August and wondered what the dance music scene was like. I am a beginning/aspiring DJ and wanted some advice about the scene and what opportunities there are for djing in bars and clubs? I mainly play dance music like Trance, EDM and deep house.

Can anybody help?

There is a lack in dancing with the youths in HCMC.  It's not that there isn't a huge house music scene here to get the beats pumpin at every corner in D1, but instead it's a cultural thing.  Dancing isn't a huge trend within the clubs from what I've witnessed.  They have fun talking and mingling.  I also think it's due to a small taboo with PDA.  Can anyone else back me up here?

As for DJ jobs for bars or discos...EDM and deep house are the soul genres for the night life.  If I were you, I'd bring something new to the table.  Something that many others might enjoy dancing to.  Bring some disco, or more specific, nu-disco!  It's lacking in that aspect.  Too much of the same beats and rhythms can become mundane.

What else are you planning to do?  I'm currently a teacher for VUS.  Maybe when you come out we'll check some places out.

Cheers for the knowledge, I understand what you mean on the genre front - I'll probably have a better idea when I get out there.

Me and my girlfriend are teaching at ISSP next year.

Gotta disagree with Whos_your_Addy. They do play EDM type music at the clubs here but it's usually corny dance tracks with a sloppy mix of old and new music. Oh, and don't get me started on that corny Viet dance beat you hear often here (If you spend some time here you'll know what I mean). Some places will have their audio equipment set up terribly and will be painfully loud. No, not "I was in a loud club so I'm temporarily deaf" loud. I mean, "It feels like someones stabbing my ears with a screw driver" loud. Some places may have a good looking Vietnamese girl rockin' a fitted cap backwards "DJing" with an ipad or mackbook. The locals are easily impressed as they think female DJ's are cool and hip, as if it's something new to the world. Shit, give me an ipad and I can be a DJ too, if it's that easy.
I hate to sound like a pretentious snob. Really, I do. I'm usually quite humble but honestly, in my opinion, the Vietnamese have quite a bit to learn when it comes to DJ'ing. I've spent a good amount of time boppin' my head and watching others shake their asses in clubs back home in the states(my friend was a DJ and I'd help him with his equipment sometimes) and.....damn most of the clubs here just don't compare. Not even a bit. I'd say, bring to Vietnam what you have to offer and show them what they are missing. The clubs here definitely need some current awesome dubstep tracks :P heh heh...

You got in there ahead of me Razor, was gonna post something similar a bit closer to moving out there in September. I've done a bit of djing in the past too, used to play trance years ago but that moved onto progressive/deep house and now have a bit of an interest in DnB, but prog house is what rocks it for me, mostly on ableton live with midi controller. I'm guessing your using some sort of laptop setup too (bringing decks might be a bit pricey on the plane)

I went to a club there in HCM on Halloween a few years back and was actually really impressed, there were plenty of people dancing and enjoying some German dude's beats. I spoke to the promoter and he said that he had trouble finding local dj's playing really good and up to date EDM type stuff so flew the german guy over...things might have changed since then though...but if you guys are looking at checking a few places out I'd be keen to tag along if thats not too much trouble?

I'm not sure where you've been, but the tunes at Lush, Chill Skybar, etc are quite ok. Usually Top 40s stuff. The closest I would say is Lush, and lots of yuppies dancing there.

I've not actually managed to find an real EDM place. Or a local playing EDM.

It was about 5 years ago I'd say, and all I can really remember was that it wasn't a million miles from pham ngu lao and right by the river. Once inside the place was basically a box with a high ceiling and a stage, not sure if that helps at all...I think it was a one off event or maybe something that happened every few months. Anyways, I had a look online and found links to some events there...

Used to party a lot when I was in Shanghai, never in HCM.

What's the crowd like in famous places like lush? Pretentious? dressed up champagne drinkers?

I would like to go out once awhile, my couch is starting to hate me.

Thanks for all the advice - it really does seem that there is a need for some decent music and expats that want to do it. I've watched videos on YouTube of clubs and you're right, alot of it is strangely mixed up sloppy mix as eclipsemod called it. As I play for a mixed crowd I play abit of every genre so pretty flexible in that essence. It's just the thing of getting into a bar or club, or networking with a promoter.

I will be just bringing my laptop and hope to get some gear out there.


Lush during ladies nights on Tuesdays is quite packed. A good mix of foreigners and rich local kids. Mostly whisky drinkers there.

sounds fun but tuesday night? nah

Hi I saw your blog, and am coming over next year, I play funky house, and tech, could u help as id be looking to bring new styles to the country, I have mixes on mixcloud 

Cheers djsnuck
Val d'lsere mix 2015. Am over in march if ur still therehave, lpoking to startget and house nite if ur interested  :)


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