Visa not necessary, can i work?

Hello... I am Valentina
I am from Colombia and I am living in Emiratos Arabes - UAE  - In Dubai.
I am thinking and planning a country to move , live and work.
For colombian citizens it is not neccesary have a visa to travel to , I would like to choose it....but I would like to have a contact in order to find out about all topics that I need to know about in order to take my decision......
I would like to have a contact for be hiring and have a job soon....Is it possible or not ?
I will be attentive for your comments...
Thanks.   Valentina :)

Hi Valentina: Being able to visit Singapore without visa does not mean you will find a job and get a work visa - biut it is a good first step. Basically, eligibility for work visa depends on what the Singapore job market needs: If you have a good (and recognised by MoM) university degree in a field in demand in Singapore, you have good chances. Otherwise (and especially without university degree) not - you could then only qualify for badly paid manual labour or household help positions.
Please also note that Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world - so those high salary benchmarks you may have heard about do not mean much. You need at least S$5000/month for a single person leding a normal lifestyle and renting an apartment (as opposed to sharing a flat with others, which is common due to the cost).

. I know that Singapur is a  too expensive country to live.
Thanks so much for your information......

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