S pass visa releted error

Sir i applied s pass visa on 07/05/2015. still i checked on MOM website they show No record found error. Also discuss with employment agency they said you application in queue.  its take two week time.

My qualification is Bachelor of engineering in IT field. also CCNA certified with 2 year experience.  i have also my file application number.

we will wait for more ???????

pls give me guidance ????

If there is a problem with the S-Pass application, or with its status showing in MoM's system, your employer (not an agent - they can't do anything) should contact MoM and ask.
Other than that, as you already wrote, you can only wait for the outcome.

But how much chances for s pass approval ????? because it takes too much time ??

The time it takes has nothing to do with your approval chances. It can take up to two months in some cases.

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