How I can get married to my boyfriend who is frm czech republic sheila frm kenya and id like to know how I can get married to my boyfriend who is frm czech republic...can someone please walk me through the process of getting a marriage certificate? He wants to come here for 25 days since it takes only 21 to get the marriage certificate are this days enough?do the certifcates ever get delayed?thanks.

Hi can u please walk me thru the process of getting married?

have you tried the locals here

You need to obtain a special license to be able to get married in that short period of time. You may take the 21 day notice but you may not get an immediate date for the ceremony because of the large bookings on the registry diaries as ceremonies are not conducted on each day of the week.

Obtain a 3 day special license then request for a marriage ceremony outside of sheria house, you pay more but its faster.

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