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Hello all,

I am looking for a little bit of advice.
My partner has been offered a job in Singapore, he has been granted an employment pass however his work will not issue a dependents pass.

I have an Association of Accounting Technician Advanced Diploma and I also have a Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting. I have worked in Finance for the last 8 years and I am 25 years old.

I have been applying for jobs left right & centre from the UK but have not had one reply!!! So my next move is to take the jump & move over there without employment lined up.

I recently did a S Pass check on MOM which came back "I was likely to qualify" but I would like a little advice before I do book a flight.

Would two diplomas be acceptable qualifications for an S Pass? Would I be likely to find work as an expat?


It is good that you are eligible for S-Pass according to the system - which is mostly correct.
However, this won't help you much in finding a job. Being physically in Singapore certainly helps in that respect - but do utilize your time by networking, visiting industry events, meeting people, etc. - connections are the best source of job leads here!
Please also note that your husband (and in some limited cases also a non-married partner) can apply for a DP for you without the employer.

Thank you Beppi I appreciate the response.

I have explored the DP avenue and a LOC however we are not married - I have done a lot of research before we made this decision!

I am linking-in with every man and his dog at the moment!
I also have friends/family who are passing my details to every connection they have.

So I have my fingers crossed!

I cannot wait to move to this beautiful country.

Leannekel90 wrote:

however we are not married

I know people who took an international move as reason to change this.

Leannekel90 wrote:

I cannot wait to move to this beautiful country.

You can call Singapore many things - modern, exciting, vibrant, multicultural, cosmopolitan, etc. (but also noisy, crowded, expensive, etc.) - but I have never heard beautiful. Have you been there before?

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