Cheap flights, visa and its extension, approval letters etc.

Hi,guys! I just came to Ho Chi Minh again and wanted to ask where can I extend my tourist visa and make an approval letter for my friend. He want to come soon and i don't know where should I ask for it?

Hello! :)
My expat friends just exdended their visas, and that was about 170$ for 3 months,I guess. Not that much. But I don't know whom did they ask for that... I can ask my friend and tell you :) if this price is okay for you.
Also I know they bought tickets there. Can't say about approval letter

Please leave me contacts because my visa time is running out.. Hope you can help,good price!


Yes, they can help you for sure! Good luck!

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we are nigerian family of 5 base in south africa both professional food scientist and accountant respectively we like to have our vacation in vietnam we find it soo hard for any tour operator to help us apply for approval letter can somebody help us out . you can reach me on ***

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Hope this helps

judicsonjude:  Is there anything stopping you from simply going to the Vietnamese embassy in Pretoria and getting a visa there?  If they will not give you a visa, then it is unlikely that the visa-on-arrival companies can get you a legitimate visa either.

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