First Trip to Saudi Arabia


I'll be living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for an extended period of time and I have a few questions I hope I can get answers to prior to my arrival:
- Is photography prohibited in Saudi Arabia? I'm an avid photographer and I'd like to bring my camera equipment.
- Do they screen your computer/external hard drive in customs upon arrival?
- How's the internet access in KSA? For example, will we have access to sites in the US (Facebook, Udemy, NY Times, etc)
- Is it necessary to unlock your cell phone prior to arriving to KSA? I have an iPhone that I'd like to continue to use but I'm not sure how international phone service works.
- Can you still use Amazon Prime and Netflix for streaming entertainment?
- Can you use Amazon to purchase products online?

Thanks any info on this would be helpful.

1. Photography is not prohibited unless mentioned or not invading someones privacy.
2. They may check your hard drive for explicit material.
3. Yes you have access to all social networking sites. Porn and torrents are blocked.
4. Your phone will work if your carrier has allowed for international roaming facility.
5. You can use Amazon. I am not sure about Netflix.
6. Yes you may shop online using Amazon and other websites.

B. wishes.

Hey Jonescode, these are really questions. And thanks Ali for chiming in. I'm curious, as a photographer what will be your subject? My understanding is that we must be really careful of what we film.

In ant case, hope all works out for you. I'm heading to Riyadh in August for a teaching position. Would be nice to bump into a fellow patriot. :)

Be well

Hi Francii,

I'm going to start by focusing on Arabic architecture and desert landscapes. Then I plan to do some long exposure work on the infamous roadways. Feel free to check out my current work at Also don't hesitate to contact me once you arrived. I'm sure I'll have a handle on a few things once I get there. We might have to say we're siblings though in order to not offend the mutawa lol :cool:

Keep in touch.
Antwan Jones

Good luck guys  :top:

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