I am Looking for a accmodation can any one help me

Hi Friends i am arriving Sg in 2 days can any one help me for a reasonable accommodation please


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u can check this out:

jessicajayawiguna wrote:

u can check this out:

Please note that short-term accommodation in residential housing is not allowed in Singapore - thus services like this are illegal!
You can only stay in somebody's house if you are his/her friend and visit free of charge.
You can only rent residential property for a minimum period of 6 months and if you possess a residence visa.
Otherwise you have to stay in hotels, hostels or serviced apartments.

Edited to add: It is NOT a good idea to break any rules in Singapore!

There is alot of hotel or guesthouse in sg.just go to those Web u should be able to find one. If u are looking for long term then u need to know which area u wants to be before anyone can help u.

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