Pest Problems

Dear All Members,
                             I am new in Dubai and i am working here from last week and i am facing a problem of pests and bed bugs in my room so kindly suggest me any good and reliable pest control company in Dubai.

Hello i was also facing the same problem last year when i moved to Dubai and then i asked my friends to help me out so they advised me to try a pest company called golden falcon pest control. You can simply visit

Cheers :)


You can also contact national pest control:

Before hiring any pest control company, you should check out their reputation or is that company is verified or just money makers.


Been a victim of this as well ,i  would recommend you to go for Golden Pest Control. I am  pretty much satisfied by the services provided by this company.

I can understand your situation. Because I faced the same issue a year ago. Then someone recommended Royal Rest's mattress protector. Now I can sleep peacefully.

So, I would like to suggest you try Royal Rest Mattress protector for your mattress. It will protect your mattresses from dust, bugs, moisture, or any kind of spillage. This is one of the best and easiest solution to avoid bugs, etc.

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