Meeting Korean friends

Hi, I am a Singaporean who is very interested in the Korean culture.  Could be those k-drama that is positively influencing me. I would like to be friends with native Koreans and learn more from them.

Hi, nice to know you. I also want to know Singaporean friend because I just moved in Singapore at the end of last year. So, I am not good at Singaporean culture. If you give me your time to talk or eat or drink or anything, I will really so happy. Thank you for your suggestion and please let me know how we can meet together.

In Singapore, we uses Facebook or whatsapp to chat with friends. Do you have a Facebook account?  Add me in as your friend
[email protected]

Thank you for your information.
I also installed whatsapp in my phone, but I don't know how to add your address.^^;
Could you teach me about that?

Are you able to download Facebook?
Once you downloaded Facebook,  just add me as a friend using the email address:
[email protected]

OK, I did it and I sent to message to you.^^

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