Kombucha and Kefir Starter anyone?

I'm looking for kefir and kombucha starter - usually you get from someone's kitchen - it's not something you can get in a shop.  If nobody has these I will buy abroad and start fermenting myself - then from June 2015 onwards you can contact me for them!

Did you get the Kombutcha starter then? I'm desperately trying to get some here in Mauritius.

Hi. I will bring some when I come back but return delayed until probably October.  If you can't wait I did buy some online from Australia a few years back and it worked fine.

Good luck!

Hi! I really need the Kombucha starter! If you have it please contact me!

hi gillid i would like to know if you have the Kombucha because i need one. please let me know if you have it urgence

do you have the kombucha ?


Is bottled kombucha readily available in Mauritius?

iielisaii wrote:


google and wiki are your friends  ;)


Hello. I have been making my own kombucha and am also going to sell bottled kombucha soon in Mauritius.  Anyone interested , do get in touch on ** Thank you. :cheers:

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Please excuse my ignorance but what is kombucha?

Thank you.

Hello everyone,

@ Barbara Torrance, a fermented tea drink  ;)

External wrote:
iielisaii wrote:


google and wiki are your friends  ;)


All the best

Thank you for the info.

I have  some Kombucha scoby.

I travel on Wednesday though.

hello durbanmauritius,

Are you in Mauritius?? when can I get the Kombucha scoby if you have it?

Hi, I am about to go through a second major surgery in less than one year. The doctor wants to to wait tilll the end of january to see if the body kicks back on its own with a little help of supplements. It's been a fact to all my relatives that any solution would be welcomed and a friend suggested kombucha but I can't find any starter, not even on sale. I'm open for any suggestion, thanks.

So sorry to hear.
I haven't been on here for a while.
Please contact me if you still in need of kombucha
Take care.

Hello Rani,
I will be in  Mauritius from February and would love to get some kombucha going too..
Maybe I could contact you once I'm there!
Thank you so much!

Hi Michelle. Please feel free to contact me when you are ready.
We could me somewhere then.
Take care.
Kind regards

I'm reviving this post 6 months later! Anyone knows if I can get kombucha in Mauritius, or anyone would like to share its knowledge (and scombi :)) with me by teaching me how to make my own?

@ranicat, are you still planning on selling some? Let me know, I'd love to have a taste!

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Hello Ranicat....have u started the kombucha? Can I buy  a kumbucha starter ( scoby) from you.

Anybody know where I can find Kefir in Mauritius?  Please?!
Thanks and happy Easter 😊

Hella EvaR!

I think I saw some at Monoprix Cascavelle once!  I will keep an eye open for you!

Thank you so much!

Hi I would like to get a Kombucha starter set from you

Hi Rini!

I might have a starter for you! Im not sure if my mother made a baby!

Hi, are you still considering to sell Kombucha drinks? I am desperately looking for kombucha or Kefir!

Do you still havé grains for kefir?
Brest regards

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Hello all!
You should join the Facebook page below.  It is dedicated to Kefir, Jun, Kombucha and Vinegar in Mauritius.  Sometimes, people are giving away SCOBY or Kefir seeds.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/7409464 … 3864566087

Have a good day!


If anybody is interested I have surplus water kefir grains to share.

Let me know!


Hi EvaR,

Do you happen to have milk kefir grains?


I only do water kefir...but am sure someone will certainly share milk kefir grains with you from the local Facebook group : https://m.facebook.com/groups/740946446082967

Can I get some Kerri grains  ***  thanks

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for  milk kefir grain. Can I buy it from someone?


hi everybody ......any help for kefir culture grains please

I am looking for water Kefir. Can someone help me ?

There is a facebook group available where people share grains and will help you a lot as well.

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