I would like to introduce my-self to the Cambodia Forum.

Greeting to all The Expat.com members. I am young Cambodian guy, as recent graduated from high school. I would like to have a career as soon as I can start to have up money for my education. I have been worked in front office for fourteen months until present.

front office to what?  Hotel, or what company?

Nice to meet you. Thanks for introducing yourself.  I'm very new to the Expat.com, myself.  I can't help you with employment because I'm still living in the U.S. and cannot consider moving to Cambodia until next summer. If I do, I will be volunteering for CPOC, about 40 km south of Phnom Penh. I am interested in learning more about Cambodian culture and would be happy to share any information I have that might be useful to you.

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