HR assistant- is $1700 fine salary? agency seeking $5000 should I pay?

Hello everyone,
I m mayur  from India,  I m getting a job in Giant mall as HR assistant+ accommodation
Salary $1700.
But agency is saying to pay $5000 as their charges.
I hv 2 questions >1 is that  salary fine ?( I m fresher)
>2   should I pay $5000 ? Bcoz I think its too much amount
Plz give me suggestios.

Hello  mmgaikwad999,

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I would suggest you browse our cost of living in Singapore – 2015 thread to get an idea if your salary will suffice.

Would mind telling us what is the $5000 fees for exactly?

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Gavind. Team.

$5000 is their consultancy charges.
They r going to take money as soon as I sign agreement then they will forward my application to MOM.

Employment agencies are not allowed to charge the job seeker any fee, by Singapore law. Thus you are dealing with crooks (who might also screw you in other ways). You shouldn't pay them anything! (Instead, apply for the job directly at the employer in Singapore!)
S$1700/month is a very low salary for Singapore standards, the level of simple labourers. It is enough for a single person to live on, but not more. You"d have to get a Work Permit (WP, a kind of work visa) at this salary level. People with technical certificates usually work on S-Pass (salary S$2300-4000/month) and university degree holders on Employment Pass (salary above S$3300 - the lower level is for fresh graduates) - though you are unlikely to get an EP without applicable work experience.


According to the law employment agency can charge maximum two of your salary, if you sign for 2 years contract, if you renew with the same employer, there is no additional charges allowed. The 2 months agencies inclusive of local (your home country) + Singapore agency fee.

Kwfliew: Where did you get this information from (please give source, law, etc.)?
My knowledge was that no fee from the job seeker is allowed (under Singapore law). I doubt that any country's law includes something done in another country under other law.

Hi Beppi, probably you have miss Singapore Ministry of Manpower New Employment Agency (EA) Regulatory Framework or you are not recruiter, which the ministry clearly stated that effective from 1st April 2011 EAs can charge a worker a fee not exceeding one month of his salary, for each year of the duration of the approved Work Pass or employment contract, whichever is shorter, subject to a maximum of two months' salary. - See more at: … gX3h3.dpuf

Hope the above information help.

You are right: I am not a recruiter, neither a foreign worker.
Thus thanks for the information, which was new to me and will probably also help many of our readers.

I summarize in short:
Employment Agencies can charge one month salary as fee for a one year contract or work pass (whichever is shorter) and two months salary for a two years or longer work pass.
Since the linked MoM website mentiones only "foreign workers", I assume this applies only to Work Permit (WP) applicants, not to S-Pass and Employment Pass applicants - those are free of charge for jobseekers as far as I know, since all fees must be borne by the employer.

Generally "Foreign Worker" means non-resident. Working Permit, Skill-Pass or Employment Pass holders are not resident, as such there are all "Foreign worker". The ministry advise the applicant what is the correct and reasonable amount to pay, but is your choice to pay or not to pay.

Lets comes back to mmgaikwad999's questions. (1) whether the salary is reasonable? Consider your post, and you are fresh graduate and you are providing a free accommodations with SGD1,700/m consider not a bad offer. Yet some local resident with similar background does not enjoy the same benefits (Housing Allowances). Again is your choice, you think your home country may offer you a same job opportunity and you can enjoy a better life in your home country, then this package really didn't make sense to you. (2) Should you pay 5K? That depends on your employment contract that you signed. You should request a copy of the Invoice (by law the agency has to give you) and requesting the agencies to itemise the charges. if your salary only SGD1,700 and you signed two years contract and your maximum fee to pay should be SGD3,400. If there is other miscellaneous items (e.g. airfares) or your accommodations is part of your income and make up to SGD2,500 than the amount is correct. (Note: If your salary is <2K usually you will not get your WP/SP even you graduate from Cambridge, Oxford or Yale)

😱😱😱they are taking so much from u!! What if u do not like the environmen and want to much do they want from u.this is really a big price to pay!didn't know the agent is so greedy!

My friend. The salary you mentioned Is very less. Singapore is one of the costliest places to live in the world. Also please check which district you will be staying. Schools expats prefer woodlands district 25.  9 ,10 ,11 are the most expensive districts. There are many factors. If ur office is in district where rentals are high you will have to live in another district which is feasible for you.transportation is another factor. Housing development board (HDB) flats would be the best option.

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