Student on Leave of Absence


I'm a student from NTU that is taking a leave of absence and is considering working for awhile in Singapore - how difficult would this be considering that I have no actual credentials besides experience within NTU (degree hasn't been completed yet)? Would the fact that I've gone to NTU be considered at all? As an artist and designer, would my portfolio be evaluated, or does MoM only look at hard certs in considering E- and S- passes?


For work pass eligibility, MoM only looks at hard facts (degrees and certificates, actual applicable work experience). You are unlikely to qualify without any.


From what I know, currently u r holding a student pass, u can only apply for part time work and not full time. If ur company were to apply for any passes for u, it will follow the certifications that u have and the experiences and once approved, ur student pass will be revoked.
But once u have ended ur sabatical at school, u might need to reapply for a student pass to carry on ur studies. This is a bit complicated. U might want to give MOM a call instead just to confirm.

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