looking for new friends in Siem Reap

Hello! My name is Tessa, 22 from South Korea. Currently I live in siem reap for work and it's been a month. I would like to meet people and make friends in Siem Reap. Let me know if you are interested in. Thanks!

Hello TessaSi,

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How is your expatriation experience so far? Would like to share with us some of your experiences regarding the matter at hand ?

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Hi Tessa,

Welcome to Cambodia, Siem Reap is best tour place in Cambodia, all the people there are friendly and can speak some English, it's easy for communication, i wish you to make more good friends and meet good people during your trip.

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I m very keen to be associated with you as u r from Korea am looking for more info about Korea being the country which is going to be a source of my business crux.
Hoping to hear from u.

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This thread has been inactive since 2015 and moreover, you may not find much info about South Korea on the Cambodia forum.

The right forum to post would be the South Korea forum.

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