Average monthly expense of cost living (accomodation, food, etc)

Hi all, assalamualaikum...
New to this forum, need to know average monthly expense of cost living (accomodation, food, etc) in brief as I have no idea, based on a secretary salary range

I think food here very cheap. You can get rice, fried chicken and sambal for only 1 bnd. And please don't convert the money. Hehehe. There's no big mall to shop branded item so you can save extra money to travel to other country such like Sabah in Malaysia. I bought new car here and got bank loan from BIBD Bank but for 3 years loan ( you can get maximum loan 7 years) i choose to buy new car because planning to bring back home ;)

Accommodation it's up to you where is the place you want to rent. If service apartment it will be 3000 to 4000 bnd. But if the normal house less than 1000 bnd also you can get.

Hello qisztina,
Thank for the information.
I will be glad if you could help me know whether B$ 650 plus a paid accommodation will be enough to live a decent life as graduate student in Brunei?

Thank you

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