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Hello. First and foremost, sorry if this ends up in the wrong forum, I do not know where to place it. Secondly, please consider this as charity, it's scientific knowledge and is meant to make the world a better place. :)

I'm working with a Korean party for research and clinical work. I've been provided with information but they are all in Korean and I am unable to extract anything from them therefore I need someone to assist me by translating them to English. I have several scientific books and documents varying in length to be translated from Korean to English. This task requires above average competency in both languages. Please understand that our funding is limited therefore I am only able to provide the following quote.

Genre: Non-fiction, topics comprises but is not limited to cancer, immunology and etc
Price: S$0.10-S$0.25 per page of manual translation, as a guideline it sums up to approximately S$50-150 per book
Deadline: June 31st, 2015 (preferable but negotiable)
Contact: [email protected]

Please contact my e-mail with the title RE: Book translation and I will provide further information.

Thank you very much and have a pleasant day!

Hi リン L-ynn,

Please post your job offer in the Translator job offers in Singapore section. It has been created for the job offers and requests.


Priscilla  :cheers:

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