Teaching at TianjinTeda Mapple leaf school

no I am not looking for a job. I have one already. I am coming to China for that reason.

Thank you.



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Hi Wilms,

Are you still teaching in that school?  So if you wish to work in a different school with better opportunities please feel free to have a look here:





Teaching is difficult but rewarding. Most expats arrive in China (or any other nation, such as Thailand or Vietnam) and teach.  Make sure that you are qualified to do so.  There are so many "individuals" who figure that they can "backpack" all over China and teach for a month or two here, and there while they act as a nomad/hobo. That is actually pretty disgusting to me. Please don't do it.

Please know your stuff. If you are just another "English teacher" who can't conjugate verbs, and don't know how to write up a teaching plan, then you really have no business in China.  You will make it harder for those of us that do.

Do not come here with expectations.  You will be disappointed.  China is unlike anything that you are accustomed to.  Some things will shock you, while other things will be a pleasant surprise.  Come here with an open heart and an open mind.

Go native. If you end up hanging around fellow expats, you won't experience all that China has to give.  I once conducted an informal poll, and discovered to my absolute horror that MOST expats have NEVER been to a KTV, or chewed betel nut, drank white wine or had HOT POT. Good golly, why even bother going to China if you aren't going to experience it.  That includes, mind you, numerous people who spoke pretty good Chinese. Language skills should NEVER substitute for cultural acceptance.

Do not base you decision on money.  Comparing the costs of living and pay in SA to Tianjin is like comparing a hot dog with a banana. It is pretty much a useless exercise.

About Tianjin, it's a nice big city.  I liked the traffic lights.  I thought they were very modern and unique. It is colder than the bulk of China, but that is not a bad thing.  You get seasons. China is full of absolutely great people.  Make friends.  You will be very glad you did.  When you are at the school ask them for help and they will help you.

Friends. Finally, every opportunity that you have to go out with a Chinese person...take it. You need to make Chinese friends.  Expat friends are a dime a dozen.  They come and go.  Many won't stay in China, or in the same place as you will. There are many "expats" that come to China with an angle.  Maybe they want to sell you some "essential oils", or "invest in a business", or try to get some of your money so that "they can invest" for you.  There are guys who prey on lonely expat girls and then brag about it on the Internet on sex mongering websites.  Be careful.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy China and that my little blurb will be of help to you.

Hey I am staying in Teda and here for 15 more days may be we can meet


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