Record-breaking temperatures in Puerto Plata yesterday?

Puerto Plata reported a new record with the maximum temperature of 37.5°C yesterday, surpassing by one degree the previous record of 36.5°C set April 17, 1963.

And the color in the air you could see yesterday similar to pollution was in fact the Saharan dust that has traveled all the way from Africa to the northern Caribbean islands..

Good time to drink Mojitos and stay refreshed

Cheers :)

And it is just as hot today if not hotter.  Yesterday we registered 39 here.  It was so hot today I actually left the beach because it was too hot and I could not stay in the water any longer.

The Sahara dust is very common every year and in fact the more that is around in the fall the less of a chance of a hurricane forming and effecting us as it removes moisture  form the atmosphere.  So a good thing at that time of year.

And it does create some incredible red sunsets.

Bob K

IT is brutally hot here too on this coast!  Not sure how hot it got but hot enough I did not want to go outside....  and be ready for extra electrical outages.  More air conditioners in use = more outages!

Yes we lost power twice last evening for about 30 min each.

Bob K

Hello Planner and Bob!

Also heard the news of the wildfire around Constanza, I hope it can be extinct as I know they are working very hard up there.

I'm planning a road trip to the south coast soon which is even warmer and I hope it rains a bit by then and cool down..

NO rain on south coast  in some time now and none is forecast, it is bloody hot here too.

No rain on the north coast either. IN fact the grass crunches when  you walk on it.

Bob K

Yup we need rain at the farm too!!!!

It is time to water the sensitive plants, and pay attention to heat sensitive people.  We had to install A/C for my Dominican wife, who earlier had no problem with heat, but now has diabetes and getting older...

A bit of relief yesterday with temp only around 93 or so.  Still no rain but we did see a couple of clouds.  The grass is a nice shade of brown.

Bob K

And here I thought we were going to freeze to death!

Now that is funny :D

But on that note if the temps ever get below 72 or so at night our watchmen are dressed in full down jackets, gloves and hats.  Not that is REALLY funny :D

Bob K

i'm leaving the house not earlier than 4pm, even for the beach....
too hot.

Welcome to the summer climate of central Florida with heat index often at 105 t0 108,  humid & no wind.   Believe me, I can empathize with you.  You are having an unusual heat wave.  It will be over soon & you can get back to normal weather.  I envy you for being in the DR.  In a week I'm having an eye operation that I hope will restore the vision in my good eye.   Nothing complicated, just relocating the lens position.  An out=patient deal.   Good luck to all of you, may the rains come soon.

gypsy good luck on the operation!!!

As to rain some of the (usually wrong) online forecasts actually show a chance of a thunderstorm in about 10 days.  Oh I hope as usual they are wrong again as in 10 days we will become a dry wasteland :D

Bob K

Thanks for the thought Bob. I see that you are an early riser also.   What is the humidity like?   Any breezes?  Anthing at all to help mitigate the agony? Looking for a Good opthaomologist on the north shore, any about?    A mister fan helps a lot whith cooling off in the heat. But that means not being able to move about much.

Good luck Gypsy!!!!

Anyone close to an ocean will get breeze. Here in La Romana it is very hot but not humid and we have a nice breeze!

Yesterday very HOT and some VERY strong breezes late afternoon and evening.  I would even call it strong winds.  Made for good sleeping weather.

Bob K

Hot hot hot here too honey.  Not record breaking hot but hot..............   We didn't have high humidity but nice strong breeze off the water!

Still hot here on the north coast but some real stiff afternoon and evening breezes. It actually makes sleeping at night ok with a breeze last night all night long..

The long range forecasts, which are wrong about 95% of the time), show we may have a shower or two next Monday.  The gardens won't last that long and forest fires are breaking out all over the place.

Bob K

Our part-time gardener has asked that we buy a hose so that he can water the garden.   The  casita has both a well and access to municipal water.

If hoses are not readily available we will have to get one sent.  :D

All of the Fereterrias (sp) (hardware stores) sell them.  La Sirena has them as well.  Quality ones will be expensive.

Right now the gardener is out watering the trees and veggies.

Bob K

Thanks on the update on the hoses - for dry trees and shrubs, here ( particularly in fall ) we also use a Ross Root Feeder to water their roots.


Good luck to you on your operation my friend!

Thank you for your thoughts b.wise.  It will be great to see well again.  It also brings me closer to my return home to the DR.   Thanks again.

Wishing you well gypsy and a speedy recovery.....that sight will be very useful when back in the D.R. and meeting new ladies, you do not want to bring home any grenades because of poor vision amigo  :cool:

I've been careful & spoiled all my life with the good fortune to have had for the most part,  exceptional liasions. ( my spelling again ).   my hearing, sense of touch & my sense of smell have thwarted many a poor decision.   I'm not blind, just close to it.   The operation is a simple one.   Moving the artificial lens to its correct position.   Then my eyesight will revert to 20/30 uncorrected as it was prior to too  this.   I guess that I'm off topic, sorry about that.   For the people of the DR, it must hit like a ton of bricks to have such out of the ordinary temps.  Is it the same in the mountains?   I wish you all well & want to thank you all for your concerns.    Will post the evolution of my sight reborn.

We look forward to your follow ups and again good luck.

Bob K

Yes, good luck with the eye Gypsy!
Well people, here in Cabrera, after almost 2 months with NO rain,
Monday about 8pm we had maybe 1" of rain in 20 minutes.
Very localized.
That's it!Some wispy clouds today.

Oh I am so jealous.  We have had exactly 0.00000 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks.  Getting desperate around here.

Bob K

How is Cabrera? Any hills, low mountains or rivers near it?

Ok enough already...currently 95 with a heat index of 107F at the airport here in Sosua (POP airport is in Sosua)

Bob K

Cabrera is great for me!
The hills start 1 -1.5 km from the ocean.
We have a little stream with an 80ft. waterfall
& pool at the bottom you can jump into!
Rivers, 10-30 km away.

Very hot today in La Romana too. AND the electric lines on our street went down - literally - for like  5 hours......

A good Tinker spell for all you good gadgjo's.  from your local ( in spirit ) cigany.  Have no fear my breathern, Gypsy blood will out.   The torrents are soon to be upon you, beware of the mud slides & the trees falling.  The earth cannot accommodate the deluge.   Hence the natural rhythms of nature shall prevail.   Hark the runes have spoken to the Tinker.   And no!  tis not rum, but just how my mind works at times.   Oh, if only that fair haired lass would only open her heart to an ancient old fogy, the odes I would write to honor her.  Are you listening Planner?   May we all sit down to heaping plates of humor & laughter.     Again, my deep heart felt thanks to you all.        I wish that I had some rum about now, I truly do.   French-Market coffee with chicory shall have to suffice.    To those old enough to remember,   "Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are"  I miss JimOmy Durante, don't you?.                                      Oh, to stay on topic,  damn hot ain't  it?

Ahhhhh gypsy I  listening......send rain my friend.....send rain....

That's not bad. What towns are these rivers in?

HOT again today.... and NO rain at all.  Starting to get desperate!

Bob K

Drought on the south coast is effecting Santo Domingo  - they are short thousands and thousands of gallons of water

Dreamtime, on the way to Nagua on the east
& on the way to Gaspar Hernandez to the west.
Look on google maps. It's all there.

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