Advice about a job offer in Doha needed :)

Hello everyone! This is Aneta from the Czech Republic. I am about to graduate soon and right now I am considering a job offer from Doha. It´s a private nursery and I got offered a teaching position there. The problem is that I´m not sure if the salary and benefits  I was offered are reasonable. First, the employer offered me 4,000 QR plus he would cover the cost of my accommodation, health insurence and transport to/from work. Then I asked about the accommodation and he told me I´d have to share a room with another woman. This is something I don´t feel comfortable with because although I am very sociable, I need my privacy as well. When I asked him if it was possible to get a private room (of course I don´t mind sharing the kitchen and bathroom) he offered me 6,500 QR but I would have to cover the cost of the accommodation and transportation. So, I´d like to know opinion of those living in Doha. Based on my research it seems like 6,500 QR is a very low ammount for covering everything myself. I am 23 years old, have 3 year of teaching experience in the US, UK, Egypt and the Czech Republic and will soon hold 2 bachelor´s degrees (CZ, UK). Do you think this is a reasonable offer or could I get a better one? I appreciate any advice. Thanks a lot in advance :)

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If you want to have a rough idea about how it works in terms of the rental pricing, you may have a look at Housing in Doha ;)

You may also browse through the Cost of living in Doha forum which can guide you through your decisions!

I will suggest you have a read through the Living in Qatar guide where you can find the some handy information.

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this is not a good offer for sure because renting alone will cost you minimum 4000 and life cost 4000 more so it is better not to come here

BTW I was in Czech Republic before and I really think it is better for you to stay there because your country is simply AMAZING ;)

Cost of living in Qatar is high compare to other GCC countries.

Naah!! not enough to survive in Doha. Its a very expensive city. I suggest you to reject the offer. Its not worth.

Hi Mr wilson.   I have a skype interview with phcc medical staff this week.
i would like to ask please for an important question: i am married and i have 2 children. is there possibility for my familiy later in order to obtain visa and move with me because as i show : woman employed cannot move her family only if the employer establishement is not governemental.
please can you help me

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