Apartment cleaning - any recommended company or individual?

Could anyone recommend a reliable company or individual for apartment cleaning/ironing?
Also what are usually prices for such services? Is it lump sum per visit or hourly rate or per square meter?

Hello pbxpbx

You may drop an advert in our Personal and household services jobs in Bucharest section to reach out to those proposing their services.

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I can help with the apartment cleaning and ironing.

The charge will be 50 leu per hour.



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I have a great cleaning person that I can recommend.  She is fast and very thorough.  I am leaving in June and will be happy to give her your info.  How much are you planning on spending?  That is up to you to suggest.
I pay her by the month a weekly rate.
good luck

Hi Rita,

I am also looking for a good housekeeper. Is she Romanian? Can you please let me know more about her?

Thanks so much,

Yes she is Romanian.  She is very thorough and does everything without direction from me--she even suggests items that I may have missed.  She does laundry and cleaning.  She washes drapes, vacuums, etc.  She has been working for me for 2 years now.  Her husband does my windows and balcony and flowers.  She speaks a bit of english as does her husband although we speak in Romanian--my wish to improve the language.  I highly recommend her/and or both if you have need for windows, garden etc.

Thanks a lot, Rita! Everything sounds good so far.
Could you please provide me her contact details? Or yours? Does she have a key of your house? I'm asking because, in my opinion, that's the highest level of trust someone can have on her housekeeper. How old is she? Do you mind telling how much are you paying her right now?

You can contact me at imafaid[at]gmail.com.  She works for me only on thursdays.  She does have a key to my house.  I pay her well because she does a good job and I pay husband and wife together.   I need her until the end of July when I will be leaving.  When do you need someone to start?

i've just sent you an email. :)

I have a wonderful lady to recommend for cleaning and ironing. She just told me today that she have one day free ( Monday) and asked me if I can recommend her to someone. She is fast, happy and hard working. For 1 day (8 hours ) she gets 100 Ron . She even walks my dog and do some cooking if I ask her to. Just that she doesn't speak English.

Where is this place if u are in constanta i can recommend to you my friend

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rumba :

I can help with the apartment cleaning and ironing.

The charge will be 50 leu per hour.



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50 lei per hour is 8,000 lei if you work 8 hours a day. Too much for a housekeeper in Romania. Even qualified managers in finance earn less.

I have finally moved in a little bit settled and want to get a housekeeper soon. Those recommendations and offers made earlier are still valid? Of course except '50 lei per hour' offers.

Hi Pbxpbx,

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Can you clean my apartment in ******* ?

Mariano.lardo :

Can you clean my apartment **************

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