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My wife and I will come to Thailand on 16th May and stay until 21st May.  She will have a minor operation in Bangkok and need to rest in bed for 1 to 2 days.  Unfortunately, I will only stay there from 16th May to 17th May and come back on 20th May to pick her up.  The surgery is on 19th May and she need to be on bed from 19th May to 21st May.  Therefore I need a nanny to take care of her from 19th to 21st.  I will book a hotel room and all the nanny has to do is to buy her food.  Actually, my wife can take care of herself, she can eat herself, she can take shower herself, but she just cannot move a lot.  I wonder if there is any nanny available.  Thank you in advance.
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Search these ads and, if nothing suitable turns up, place an ad in that section.
It'll stay visible for much longer, and attract more views.

Free, gratis and for nothing.

Hi just like to know how is the pay like?

And have to stay with her for 3day?

My suggestion is to arrange this through the hotel and I am sure they will be able to make suggestions and probably offer to put you in touch with a trusted person.

I agree with Gravitas.
Most hotels can do this service and some do have such a service in their advertisements.
Perhaps also ask the hospital as well.

hello ...i am interested to help your wife ..

Elham Al-Tawy :

hello ...i am interested to help your wife ..

Unless you are in Bangkok and want to work for a few days only then you cannot help.


My sister is available and we only stayed Sukhumvit area.

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I also work in Pakistan embacy I want to help u

I also work in Pakistan embacy I want to help u

If it is a few days nanny care, the best would be to request your hotel to find someone to look after your kids.
OR you may search and find a contact from momsfree.net
this is also free but you need Thai numbers...hm..

hi! I see that you're looking for a nanny? I'm a student studying in bangkok and i am free during those days! Do let me know further details if you're interested! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, have u got a nanny yet?

Hi, Which part of Bangkok? My mum can take care of her. She is 55 years old thai lady can speak decent English.

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