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hi everyone, got a couple of questions..first while here in the Philippines i found an employer in Singapore and he said he wants to hire me and he is waiting for an spass to be available,here is the question. i havent passed or he didnt asked for me to send him my credentials just my CV. Will he be able to get a pass for me in that manner?
2nd question is i finished a 2 years course for computer technician,but i have 2 years experience as a computer technician and another 5 years as an apple certified mac tech here in the Philippines and in Qatar..
thanks in advance

What the employer means is probably that his S-Pass quota (the maximum share of foreigners on S-Pass as percentage of all employees) is filled and they have to wait until a slot becomes available. This happens if
- a foreigner on S-Pass leaves the company
- the number of local employees increases sufficiently
- the quota (allotted by MoM) changes - this is unlikely
They cannot apply for your S-Pass without your knowledge and approval. For that, they need certain information about you (not all if it typically included in a CV) and a signed (by you and them) employment contract.

yes they told me about an available pass, thank you for the reply ,really helped..again thank you for the reply

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