Urgent information required for Visa Type for KSA - Degree Attestation

I am currently in Karachi and considering an offer from a Saudi Employer, the offer is of a Client Services Manager around 13,000 SAR with some benefits.
I have heard that there are Visa types for Saudi that do not require Degree Attestation from HEC, MOFA, SACM and Consulate/Embassy. If that is a case and such Visa types I can request my employer to send me the same Visa as I have had issues in the past on getting my BCOM Degree Attested from HEC due to my father's name change in 2000, he has since passed away and HEC had asked for several kinds of documentation to prove that the degree is mine which I cannot provide.

Please help me in gathering information...


it is very common that if they offer a good package they will not just send you on any type of visa. they would want to attest the degree so they can be sure as to who is being hired. there are business visas which do not require attestation

rareshine :

it is very common that if they offer a good package they will not just send you on any type of visa. they would want to attest the degree so they can be sure as to who is being hired. there are business visas which do not require attestation

Thanks for your quick reply rareshine...

So it all depends on the Company then...if I specifically ask them to send me a Visa categorized not to have Degree Attested could this work hypothetically specially considering the company would have no problem with it. What could be the type of Visa that I can request the company to send me in that case...can you help please

I need to avoid the 2-3 months delay somehow...can

yes you can ask them for a labour visa category, it wont require any degree.
However on labour visa you wont be allowed to bring your family to saudi arabia, and also can be in trouble if caught working on a different visa then the actual job (however the chances are thin).

You can also come on labour visa and later convert that visa to your actual and proper visa (while doing your job), once your degree and attestation is ready! However it depends if your company has a spare labour visa of pakistani nationality in hand or not, if they dont you wont have a choice other thn doing the attestation and coming on your actual visa.

Hope that helped

no, 0090, that is wrong information- this labour visa you mention is employment visa and employment visas require attestation. and there is NO visa that will allow any switching except employment visa to an iqaamah. on the other visas you have to exit the country and have a new visa issued.

as i mentioned above, knowledge, it is business visa that you seek to have you enter without degree attestation but that is a hassle on all ends and it is not a practical thing if you plan on staying long term.

read more about the employment visa on the embassy website - http://www.saudiembassy.net/services/Em … -visa.aspx

@rareshine- i guess you didnt understnd my point.

here is the procedure:
1. the employment visa is stamped on the passport from the home country and it states the profession (e.g doctor, engineer, labour etc). Its duration in 90 days.
2. The person enters KSA based on that employment visa, and the employer has to then apply for his iqama and get it within the 90 day visa period. The iqama is made of the same profession as the employment visa, however can later be converted to some other profession.

The attested degree is required in the home country, when getting the employment visa stamped on your passport. However the degree requirement is according to the profession of the employment visa (e.g MBBS for doctor, BE for engineer, ACCA for accountant etc). However for the labour category employment visa (eg carpenter, plumber, driver etc) there is NO DEGREE REQUIRED!

Does it make any sense to you if degree was required for labour too?? most of the workers in labour arent much educated and do not have any degree. So how do they go to KSA in your opinion??

I do appreciate all of your comments and knowledge sharing...I have a new question...??

Is there a category of Visa that is not LABOR VISA that does not require Degree Attestation that I can ask my employer to get for me...

no i dont think so.... all visa's with family status generally require degree
its generally labour visa which is without degree. but it shouldnt matter since you will be changing the profession of ur iqama to your actual profession anyway after going there if its not your actual one

After coming in labour visa, It is very difficult to get attestation in their home country. Because you need to get Chamber & Followed by MOFA in your offer letter .
Offer letter will have your original profession but Iqama will have labour profession.So MOFA will not stamp in your offer letter.

But your Home country needs your Offer letter with Chamber & MOFA to attest your certificate in saudi cultural & Embassy.

Thank you for your responses...Another question...Can I use my Intermediate Degree (high school) to apply for a Visa which is faster when it comes to Attestation...

no i dont think so... minimum bachelors is required i guess

OK my conclusion is that I would request the company to apply for a junior level visa like a Marketing Executive, Sales Rep, Sales Executive or assistant etc...

So would I be able to use my Intermediate Degree for the above professions...with attestation...please reply

To the best of my knowledge, all the white collar/professional jobs require degrees attestation for Saudi visa processing.
Rest you can also ask through the visa facilitation center as well.

[b]I am going through attestation in Pakistan, and it seems to be a never-ending process.
Attestation is probably the tool through which Saudization Philosophy gets implemented.

They issue E - WAKALA easily but will give you maximum trouble during this attestation procedure.  Next to impossible if you have a foreign degree.

We must try to understand the hidden power and politics behind this entire attestation process.

It can be used as a tool to comprehend the way the Saudi system works!

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