Traveling Out of Brazil with a CIE card.

I traveled out of Brazil shortly after I picked up my CIE card from Policia Federal. While leaving I gave my passport and CIE card to the lady at the Counter in the Airport and all she did was to stamp me out without indicating how long I was permitted to be away for (That's the stipulated 2 years). I was just wondering if this invalidates my CIE card and permanent visa because there was nothing really different from my earlier exits from Brazil on tourist visa.

As long as you return within 2 years you will be fine.

It also happened to me , sometimes they just forget to write it down in the stamp , but it`s the same story " be back within two years or lose your RNE ".

Permanent residents of Brazil are permitted to be out of the country for up to two years, except under exceptional circumstances such as being hospitalized before they would lose their permanency.

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hi James
              Thanks for your all help and good posts ,i need info regarding USA visa ,i am already got my permanent visa here in Brazil now i and my wife we both want to travel USA for short visa ,will you help me what documents i need  in USA embassy for visit visa ,and do we need invitation letter ?and what else document require?

Why don't you try to find answers for the US visa in the US section of this blog ?

Cheers to everyone for their valuable replies to my post. It has calmed my mind a great deal.

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