How to get married here in Saudi Arabia with an Egyptian?

How we can get married here in Saudi Arabia my fiancee is an egyptian guy?

If you're Christian and separated from your x-husband and not officially divorced, then you need to convert to Islam, provided your fiancée is Muslim as well.

However, there is no problem prevent couples from different nations to get married in KSA. Friend of mine is a Syrian and married by a Muslim Pilipino lady. They have married twice in KSA after they got divorced once, and I was one of their re-marry witnesses.

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it is easy you need solution

hi.. i get merried in muslim in philippines and my husband from turkey and i want to get devorce. is it easy to make a devorce paper in muslem here in riyadh? and can i merried again and come back here in riyadh as a  new husband visa (second husband)?

sir, im a filipino muslim and want tget married to a non muslim filipina lady who is not been it possible i can marry her in Mehkama Tankeeh'.

what are the requirements?i need help asap

Hi I want get merried here in saudi. I just want ask what all we gonna do. And wht is the requirement. I am a muslim.  I merried in Philippines but I was 9 years separate. Can u give me advise. I to get merried soon.

Well the marriage will be have to take place in a Saudi court naturally, there are a few located in Riyadh all answering to the ministry of Justice. Saudi marriage laws are a bit complicated to non Muslims as they require a few legal issues.

As you are both non Saudi you will be able to skip most of them however the marriage will need to be recognized and registered with your respective Embassys.

Touch base with the ministry of Justice and they will be able to direct you.

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I'm same case exactly like u both I'm done my marriage, make your husband contact me I'll tell him all I know.       **

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hi good day! i am from Philippines and I am Married before but separated .. now I have bf from Egypt he want marry me here in riyadh.. but I'm Christian . what should I do ? your reply is my gratitude ! thank you !

Are u Muslim or no
It’s easy take 2 witnesses first take appointment civil court —
Then fill all Requirement also put name 2 witnesses finish after they will send u message after go court location is exit 5 beside kingdom hospital

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