Delayed/Prolonged Saudi Work VISA process

My Dear Friends,

I am in a dilemma and seek your advise on my current situation regards to Saudi VISA stamping  process.

My Saudi Work VISA process has started last year in the month of August 2014 and still in process. Saudi based potential employer agent in India has contacted me last week (15th April 2015) saying that my Engineering degree certificate has been rejected by Saudi embassy as HRD has to be redone.Saudi cultural attestation has been completed.

I would like to know from the forum that how much more time is required to complete the VISA endorsing on my pass port ? and once Visa is endorsed how much time should do i  have to fly to Saudi Arabia ? Please advise.

And I am concerned with the delayed/prolonged process of the Saudi work VISA. My current employer is planning to send me on an overseas long term assignment and asked to submit the pass port. I have grown significantly within my current employment since the Saudi VISA process has started and i am very much interested to continue in my current employment in India.

I would like to know from the forum if i can cancel my application with saudi based employer at this stage after Saudi cultural attestation is completed? Will he create any problem for me to enter into Saudi later for any future opportunities?  I am in a great worry, confusion and dilemma. Please advise.

Thank & Regards 


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