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We will be moving to Mauritus in July - August , we are going for 2 weeks in June and we would like to see some places.
Can anyone tell me how the estate agents work? What the approx deposit, fees, etc
And if one one can recommend one , that will be great.

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Pam Golding is a good agent contact the agency direct and they will give you all the information you need. Lastly, do not be tempted to rent through private Mauritian landlords as the hassle you face in the longterm 8s just not worth it.

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Estate agents work on commission and for a long term rental for one year they take one month rental value as commission.  Normally you have to pay one month deposit and 2 months in advance.


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What hassle is incurred?

It is unfair to suggest that private landlords give people problems. One bad landlord does not reflect all landlords. Most private landlords have contracts to cover both parties.

I rented several places here from landlords directly and never had any serious issue with them. I think it is how you behave towards them they will come back at you. One even, when it was to handover the house back to him, just came in and checked if the windows are closed saying that since he never had issues with us he trusts us.
I guess it is just more difficult to find the rental from a landlord directly since they tend to advertise their house at the front door and not really in the web. In the web you will find more real estate agents.
When we rented via a real estate agent through one of the advertising websites we paid one monthly rent towards the agent (same he also got from the landlord). Additionally we always paid one monthly rent as deposit.

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Can you please post your housing search in the housing section here :

It is more appropriate as landlords will be able to get in touch with you more easily.


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I would like to know too.  I am a landlord who live in Germany.  I think I am a wonderful Landlord.

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