Immigration from SA to Namibia

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My husband and I are considering immigrating to Namibia.  Is there anyone who could advise what the requirements are with regard to the process and requirements for Pensioners?

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Hallo Linda.
We are from South africa. Have been living in namibia for 2 years now. We always came to visit here and loved the people and land. However, living here is a different story. Property, food, medical are very very expensive and although we experienced the people as very friendly when here on vacation, it is different when living here. There is almost a Anti-South African notion that is picked up and people have actually said to us that South Africans must go back to their country and stop taking our jobs. Poeple also said to us that they do not like South Africans because they bring "South African"values to Namibia and they dont's want South Africans here.
We where very disaaponted with the country. We hope to go back to South Africa soon.

Vera I see you post this on a lot of questions. Please keep in mind that some people either have no choice of going or are going there to be with family, but most of all please keep in mind that not everyone will have the same experience as you.

Hi I came from South Africa then married a Namibiar but my daugther and grand child
wants to live with me....what is the procedures?

Evening all
My husband and I hold both british and South African passports and are looking to move to Namibia, what do we need ? Is It difficult and do you require anything financially

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