Hallo - cannot wait to visit Belarus

Hallo to all my belarus citizens am new here cant wait to visit your country hope am welcomed  :cheers:

Hello kev240 and welcome on board

Being a new member we encourage you to throughly present yourself to us please.

Where are you living right now and what will you be doing in Belarus?

Expat.com Team

will be coming for vaccation but then will be looking forwad for  a soccer try out to the clubs in belarus, where are the friends in belarus :) team belarus are you here?:)

Hello kev240

As this is an expat community site, you are most probably going to stumble on expatriates rather than belarus citizens.

Hope that once you are in Belarus, you are going to share your expat experience with us :top:

Expat.com Team

super :)

Good afternoon! Did you like your stay in Belarus? What did you do there? looking forward to hearing from you!

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