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I'm getting serious about retiring next year, and wanted to finally begin putting myself "out there" to consider some possibilities for volunteering in Cambodia or Ecuador. I whipped up a few paragraphs and checked out a "Meet the Expats" email I received, introducing me to people who have moved to Cambodia, or are considering doing so. I found a few people who, like me, are considering such a transition and copied-and-pasted my introductory paragraphs into messages to them, which I subsequently edited to personalize. I also sent a contact request, which was accepted, but I wasn't allowed to send an additional message back to that person because I was informed I'd sent too many copy-and-paste message earlier (even though I'd just used my c-and-p material as a starting point. Live and learn! I suppose it's an effective way of filtering out bots or spam, so I should be grateful. Actually, I'm very impressed that this site is so careful about such things. Eventually, I was informed, I'll be able to send messages again, but for now I'll have to content myself with forum posts until I get back into the good graces of the site moderator! My enthusiasm is not dampened by this temporary setback I and look forward to connecting with expats in Cambodia or, more importantly right now, those who are just considering it (like me). For now, 67 weeks until retirement!   :top:

Hello wrwoolley and welcome on board

Thank you for being so comprehensive about the situation. We actually do take great care that our members do not find their inbox filled with spams and scams this is why we have such system installed on the private messages.

As moderators we cannot do anything to unblock your account. It will be unblocked automatically once you have ''useful'' contents on the forum.

Participate wherever you can with useful material. You can participate on the forum of your country of origin and bring information to expatriates. The more you help expatriates on their threads, the quicker your account will be unblocked for private messaging.

You can browse through threads in the:

1. Formalities in Cambodia
2. Cost of Living in Cambodia
3. Everyday Life in Cambodia forum sections to gather useful infos for your retirement project and participate if you need information.

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