Two Aussies considering a move to Beijing

G'day  :top:
My wife and I are considering moving to Beijing in the next 18 months to work/teach at an international school. We have family currently in Beijing doing same.
We're both qualified as Student Wellbeing workers / counsellors, and my wife is also qualified as an early childhood educator.
I've had a read through the 'China new' blog on this forum; very helpful. I've also seen a few posts on the forum from other expats around the important things for consideration.
We're interested in hearing people's experiences (successes, failures, frustrations, etc) on the following:
- sporting facilities (gyms, indoor pools);
- saving money, and transferring savings out of China and back into Australia;
- paying Child Support back in Australia;
- general expected salary range & benefits offered by the International Schools (wage, housing allowance, tax, etc).
- how much (items, books, clothing, etc) to consider bringing with us to China.

Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes!  :cheers:


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