Hi where can i find gemstones in jakarta other than the gemstone center in east jakarta?thank you

All over the place, including various street sellers - if this is what you're looking for. by [url=[at]N06/]Indofred[/url], on Flickr

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There is a second place selling gemstones in Jatinegara, but the prices are a lot more expensive so I wouldn't recommend them. If you are a serious buyer of gemstones you'll probably want a gemstone certificate and the best are from GIA or from one of the Singaporean gemstone labs. Street sellers don't usually provide gemstone certificates, and if they do they are most likely fakes. If you are looking for inexpensive semi-precious and lower quality precious stones for jewelry making you should deal directly with the supplier rather than go to the gemstone market. Also there were quite a few suppliers of gemstone jewelry at Inacraft this year.

Sometimes you can find small part time  vendors in the mall but you must really know how to bargain. It's best you bring someone who knows about gemstones unless you can tell if it's the real maccoy. .. I hope that helps.. … -Gemstones

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Bekasi city government plans to provide a shopping center dedicated to gemstones to accommodate the rapid growth of small-medium enterprises that are focusing on gemstones.

Jainudin Sitanggang, Head of Industry at the Bekasi Industry and Cooperative Agency, said that the plan to gather gemstone vendors in one particular shopping center was based on public demands. "We will also establish a Gemstone Craftsmen Association of Bekasi," Jainudin said on Monday, April 20, 2015.

Going to physically to any gemstone store in Jakarta It would be better or convenient to you to shop Online. [ Moderated by Priscilla : No free ads here please + register in the business directory ]

A lab certificate is only useful if it is provided by a well known and reputable gem lab.

How can we bay on line from Indonesia the gemstone .
We are in Morocco

Apart from this being a very old thread, these things are easy and cheap to buy here so mail order is a waste of time.

Okay so how to process thanks

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