Any good Sushi joint around Dubai?

How are you all doing? I am new to the forum and i hope to make some new friends along the way.
Anyways, i been craving for some really good Sushi restaurant that's not going to blow a hole in my wallet. Back home i used to have a place where i could get a whole boat full for 10 bucks and i guess i am a little home sick. :(.
So far i found MANGA SUSHI a Jumeria, which combines my love for for raw fish and my love for Japanese comics. YA!
However, stay away for the sushi they make from the local fish. :P

So does anyone else recommend any good Sushi restaurant around town?


Hello and welcome to :)
Since how long are you in Dubai? I stayed one month and moved on to Ras Al Khaimah to avoid my husband to commute each day from Dubai to RAK! but we love it here :)
Anyway I stayed in Dubai Marina and there is a gallery full of restaurants and one of them is a Sushi restaurant where you can eat all you want (lunchtime) for 85 Dhs! but I remember having seen one in Dubai Mall also! (Don't remember the name though).
Hope it helps.

Thank you, its nice to be welcomed.
I been in Dubai for a year, but i dont go out that much. Work kind of isolated me, i dont have any friends here and i only have to commute for like 20 minuets so i don't go out that much. 
Ah, you are talking about ITSU, i live at Dubai Marina and its an ok sushi restaurant. Usually i don't care for cost when i go out for dinner, but it did bother me that that they charged me 10 dhs for Pepsi,even though i asked for coke, and then i saw the waiter walk outside the restaurant and into spinnys to get my 1 dhs worth pop lol :P. lol i cant believe i paid the waiter 9 dhs to walk to spinnys to pick up a cola.
Thanks for the tip FeeAcer, and i will keep looking for the allusive cheap sushi resturant. :P


Thanks Sandman6, this will come really handy. Now my quest is to find the ultimate restaurant. The journey will be long but i will find my holy grail of sushi.

I have tried yo-sushi, if fact there is one 20 minuets away from where i life, while the price was OK the fish weren't quiet right. But i will try out Zuma, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip Zarulariff.

hey farsight13,

u can try Bentoya or Sumo Sushi.

Sumo Sushi? The name it self has peaked my interest, i shall check that place out. I don't suppose anyone has gone to "Scoozi", the Italian and Japanese restaurant? once again, its like 30 minuet walking distance. I can only imagine the Fusion.

Sounds like an awesome plan, i say we make plans next month!

Hi Sushi Girls and Boys :)

I saw your topic on the forum and was thinking the following:

1) we can organize a sushi night for the next event in the food circle (need your advice though);

2) or if you don't wanna wait that long or you wanna do it separately, I would like to join you for a trial of the sushi place you will go to, so that I can use it for a next food circle event.

Thank you and best regards,

I agree with Marleneke, lets wait until we all met up Friday. we will throw some ideas and see what we can come up with. I also agree with zarulariff , maybe we should start with Bentoya.
the website looks cool,it has a menu and such, you can read it in Japanese too:P.