How's working as a nurse in oman?

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I suggest you to post an advert in the jobs in Oman section. It may help.

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Hi, anyone here knows the upcoming examination for MOH Sultanate of Oman here in the Philippines? Thanks!

Hi Guys im just new here. can you give me some tips in MOH- Oman exam or much better giving me tips in Armed forces Hospital Oman examination..

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Hi ms. Mari! Ive been trying to search as many forum as possible, tadaaan! This what i really badly needed info going to oman. Just to share my story, i have a friend whos working in omanair, she wants me to visit her there in april. She told me that i could easily find a nursing job since i have worked in saudia for 2 yrs. i want to take my opportunity in finding the best job for me in oman. I was recently worried coz i have several concerns with regards to my application. I am just confused miss. Why the visit visa that i will get is just valid for 1 month and extendable only for another month? Why is it not same as what u have mentioned?

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Will it be easier for me to find a job within a month? I dont want to take an exit Without having a new job.  I Know it will Cost a lot

When u got there, make it sure you send your resume atleast in 3-5 hospitals per day.Better if you can take the Ministry of health exam ahead of time before you go to Oman, so you can focusing only in getting a job. Having 1month visa to get a job is kinda tough situation because you will be researching and go for job hunting,but anyway you can still extend it for a month, so 2months is better than 1month,isnt it?Just be ready and review for the exam and prepared for interview. Goodluck!

Thank you mam! I dont know how to take the exam here in phil. So i might take it in oman. As what i have experienced in saudi, if An employer wants to hire a local applicant, he will be the to finance for the exam. I think oman do the same thing. Yes, i will try to stay while i am at work. I am still busy because of my duty in the hospital. I just hope that the exam is quite the same with saudi and kuwait. I both have licenses in those countries. I hope! Thank u for all your help! Anyway how about the immigration here in phil before going to oman? Are they too strict? Will they hold me there? Do i need to present pocket money to them? Will they askme questions before they allow me to go to oman? Thanks mam! Your answers are all very much appreciated! God  bless you!

I am not that confident in taking exams though i passed twice. Thank you for all your encouragement mam! I am still worried aboout the immigration coz i will be with my boyfriend and my other friend in going to oman this april. We dont know what strategy to do in immigration. Do we need to show the immigration that we dont know each other? Or do i and my hoyfriend show that we are married and show them that i will visit my friend and he will accompany me in going to oman? Thanks again mam!

you are worrying too much. People working in the immigration are not not scary. As long as you have valid visa then nothing to worry. Its up to you if you want to inform them that you are bf gf, but to be honet ..immigration will not care about that, as long as u have valid visa. Whatever question they will ask. just answer it in honest way. Exiting in philiuppine is not a prblem as long as u have valid visa, then just always ready to the question in the immigration to the country you're going to visit. But im tellin you, immigration in oman are not strict. they are nice people.

Thank you for your encouragement mam! U really helped me a lot.
Anyway, i am worried in one of the topics i made  in this forum. One nurse responded and informed me about job searching for nurses in the hospital. I am worried not to find a job within the span of my visit visa. She also said that it will take more than 2 months just to be a nurse in the hospital. I am confused.  Saudia hires locally nurses (even nurses within license) then they do the transferring of visa while preparing the applicant (who is already working but under visit visa) for the saudi council exam. In short, they hire a local nurse, prepares moh exam and finances for it while already working in the hospital. I just thought oman does the same thing.

I wanna go there but i don't know how to start. How many years of experience needed?

Hello vivz11 -> Do not hesitate to start a new thread on the Oman forum with your questions. :)

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im in muscat in family visa and passed the MOH exam by 12th jan 2013 and still searching for a there a validity for the moh exam like 6 months or 1 year...???

Hi... I am new here.. I am from the Philippines. I joined this blog to know more about Muscat, Oman. I will be having my interview via Cellular today from Muscat Private Hospital. How it is to be in that country? Is it safe? Thank you...

you are still in Muscat, Oman now...?

You are safer like an Angel above, all u have to do is trust n believe in.yourself. dont be swayed by strangers.Be alert of phone scams claiming that you ve won.huge amounts of money.good luck

Hi gud day... Im here in Muscat, Oman  scheduled for oral exam (nurse). Please help me by giving some tips and pointers or common questions asked during interview by MOH. Thank you.

Working as a nurse in Oman is good.  I spent ten years in Oman and six of them working for the MOH.  I left 20 years ago so thing may be different today.  When worked there the hospitals were modern with up-date-date equipment and standards.  The accommodation was good. The social life was very good.  Many expat nurses have stayed there for years because of job satisfaction and quality of life.  Since I was there (and I have been back on visits twice) Oman has been training their own nurses both male and female so there is not the dependency on expatriate nurses that there used to be.  Oman is very hot for six months of the year and then it has a lovely climate for the other six months. The Omanis are lovely people.  They are very polite and welcoming.  There  Catholic Churches in Oman as well as other places of Christian and Hindu worship.  If you  get a job in Oman I am sure that you will enjoy working and living there.  Good luck and kind regards.

yes u can apply here lots offer in Oman

Hi. Is it true that Filipino Nurses are having a hard times to be hired right now  in Oman?

As I know, only female nurses are eligible. Male are banned.

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