Moving to Battambang in one week...

Finally, the dream comes true.
I am sure many of you reading my words perfectly understand how I feel.
Thrilled, excited, impatient and a bit anxious at the same time.
I have already lived more than two months in Cambodia, mostly in Battambang.
Deciding to try permanently living in Cambodia seems the most natural and spontaneous evolution of my personal path.
Is there anyone who could kindly give me some advice how and where to rent an apartment in Battambang, how much do electricity, water, etc cost and how to get from locals fair prices  ;)  :top: ?
Second step will be to find a job  :cool:
I am an accountant with a decade of experience in accounting, financial consulting, taxation and business administration. But I am more than open to other professional experiences. I have taught English for one month at Buddhist University ,Wat Domreysor in Battambang, and would like to keep teaching too.
Thank you all in advance!

Moving to Battambang,

Battambang is a Farming Community as you most like know as you have been there. Job prospects with your qualification might be a little limited specifically if you are looking for a reasonable income. Your expenses in Battambang is very low, all included, rent, utilities, food etc. will hardly reach USD 400.

I do have a suggestion, perhaps SR or PP are a better option, specifically SR as it is close to Battambang. Your expenses are higher but you can find a much better paid job, properly you will spend USD 600 p/m or closer to USD 1000 p/m.

SR being quite close to Battambang will still allow you to do some teaching, lets say over the weekend. Taxis to and from SR-Battambang are quite cheap, if you need any info let me know, I can give you a contact, we are using all the time, reliable and good.

Above just a suggestion,
Best Regards

First of all, thank you Mike for your reply. I would try setting in Battambang, because I really love the peaceful and quiet atmosphere there. I would consider for sure other destinations, in case I am not able to find a decent job in Battambang. Actually, PP would be my last option.
Thank you very much for your advice and info.

But its in PP

Agree with you, PP is the last place.We opted for SR, excellent place, so I have been in Battambang numerous times, some of our family are there. We are now in East Africa but go home every couple of months. Let me know how you doing in Battambang. Should you decide to come to SR let me know, as mentioned with your qualifications there are options. Regards Mike

Hello eadaoin,

I would suggest you to browse the Housing section- Housing in Cambodia to find a proper accommodation.

Concerning your job search, it would be appropriate if you could create your CV in the Jobs section- Business services jobs in Cambodia so that potential employers can contact you.

Best of luck.. :top:


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