Considering a move, need opinions from any South Africans !

Hi Guys,

I am in the financial sector, specifically tax, and looking to relocate with my family to Mauriius and I am just interested in ex-pat South African's reviews of their experiences thus far.

Did anyone reply to your message
I am also interested in relocating my family to Mauritius
I am from Durban S.A. and would like to chat to fellow South Africans about their move there.



There is a quite large community of south african living in Tamarin in Mauritius.

If you are not sure about your move to Mauritius yet, i would suggest that you come on a weeks holiday and see for yourself.

If you need any help, please let me know.


Hi Ashwin
Thanks for the reply
Yes I agree with you about going to visit bit I just wanted to get an idea about how SAFAS are doing over there
Also other than opening a business are there many job opportunities
I'm looking at other options as well so I want to make sure before I spend money travelling to a place


Hi, I am not South African but as previously said there is a large SA Expat community here and we have many SA friends and they are all extremely happy here, you do not need to live in gated communities although there are a few, as crime here tends to be very low and petty crime.

I think you should come for a holiday and take a look around, go to Cyber City in Ebene, where there are lots of financial institutions there, I know you said that you did not want to waste money coming, but you must come and check it out first or google financial services etc in Mauritius and write to all the Companies, check out the job section on here too.

Sorry could not be of more help but I am sure some SA members will comment soon.

Good luck :)

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Hi I am a South African student contemplating moving all on my own to Mauritus would love to have some information on this if there are any South African students that can give me some advice . I would really appreciate anyones input  :D


Im a south African that's been living in Mauritius for 9 months now, and I must say that I have loved every single minute of it. It took a while for me to get a job, so don't expect to jump into a job as soon as you land, so it would be good if you have saving to enter the country. Also the rules are quite strict to stay here, either a working permit, or married to a Mauritian or invest in buying RES/IRS Property. The cost of living is cheaper than SA. water and electricity wont ever be as much as SA and fresh food produce at the markets are good! I rent and sell property so if you need info on that I would be happy to help you! It is best to see Mauritius first before moving here in my opinion, but if you are willing to just move here without visiting first, then expect a bumpy road!!

Regards Cherize

Hi I visited Maurituis in November last year and just loved the divest culture and people.I came back to SA and are currently teaching english to foreigners.I would like to find a job in maurituis teaching english and than rent a flat maybe in the south rose belle area.I'm not so clued up about the visas process in Maurituis I was just told there is no volunteer visas and no religious visas as a south african I get one month with out visa right,should I want to exstend that what is the proces.Please help


As a south African you can now get a tourist visa for 6 months, but please note that if you are caught working you will not be allowed in the country again. I suggest you start applying for jobs here so that you can get a working permit and then come across to MRU. It shouldn't be too hard for you as teaching English, my suggestions are visit the sites or and get contact details for all the schools and send them your info even though they don't have vacancies, at least they will know about your English teaching.

If you have any other questions, please PM me.

Hi everyone
What is the requirements to obtian a 6months tourist visa?looking forward to hear from you all.

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Myself and my brother from Joburg and Cape Town respectively will be moving over in March and will be visiting this time next month. Will be sure to post my experience.

We were hoping to move too but it seems there are no pilot vacancies at Air Mauritius at the moment.  We are coming over on holiday in two weeks but I would move to Mauritius in a heartbeat !  I have also heard that there is large South African community in Tamarin and we know some people who live in Black River area. Mauritius is only 4 hours flying from SA so fairly easy to come back and visit if necessary.

So many of us here.

My husband says too many :D

I highly recommend it but we speak French which makes it easier. Mauritius is an amazing place to raise a family and locals are very nice.

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