Living in Menzah area coming from America - looking for meet ups

I have been a member of this forum for some time but I have just moved to Tunisia a month ago officially. I am from America and live in the Menzah  area. If anyone would like to get together, let me know.

AmandaTUN ......i would love to get together and do something,  i live in the tajerouine area though,  not too certain on how far you are from me, i have not done the research yet.   email me at amiranicole20[at]   if you want to meet up,  ill send you my number when you email me.

Hello AmandaTUN

kindly note that a new thread has been created as from your post on the Tunis forum to help you get more visibility and interactions

Kenjee Team

Awesome, you are 15min drive from my place.
Don't hesitate contacting me, I am available on facebook (Henda Maarfi), I dont chech that much

definitely Amanda, I live in La Marsa and I'll be glad to meet up with you. send me a message on fb "salmovska bovaziva" if you wanna keep in touch. cheers

Hi Amenda, welcome to Tunis, Hope everything is going well!
I'm a Tunisian girl and keen to making new friends from different backgrounds!
msg me if u r interested in hanging out, coffee, tea,dinner or just for some advice.
Looking forward :)

Hey Amanda I malek from tunisia
i'd like to meet you if you need anything or you if you want a good friend
i speak english and 4 others languages well
so if you are interessting just text me :)

Hi Amanda,am Vivian am 2 years too late to respond to your message!😂😃

So am living in Menzah still living here or have you moved?


Hi there .....

               No worries...      Tunisians love to have  foreigners pal... :cool:
Any way  If u need a CLEAR advice, let me knew. have a good one.

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