Television Show - House Hunters International

Are you an ex-pat who's bought property in Paraguay?  We'd love to put your story on TV!

"House Hunters International" is coming to Paraguay and we are looking for great relocation stories from people who have bought property.

Please get in touch at househunterscasting[at] and we will be happy to give you more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Yes!  I bought a home in San Bernardino in the Puerto del Lago urbanizacion.  I lived there last year full time and taught high school at the Pan American International School.  Unfortunately, I had to move back to the states to resume my teaching job at Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI.  How did I get to Paraguay??? We adopted our son from Paraguay as a 8 week old infant in 1989 and I fell in love with the country!  I started going back in 1995 to do volunteer work, and then met Osvaldo Codas and Alejandra Peña and we jointly formed Paraguay Hecho a Mano USA, Inc. and Paraguay Hecho a Mano Paraguay.  We are a 501 c 3 non profit in Paraguay and our goal is to preserve the cultural heritage of indigenous artisans in Paraguay.  English site.

After working in this area for 16 years, Osvaldo and Alejandra and I worked together to lease to buy the Hotel del Lago, built in 1888 in San Bernardino, Paraguay.  We restored the hotel to its 1888 glory and it is now a key tourist location in Paraguay. 

So I am a part owner of the Hotel del Lago as well!!

So I intend to retire there in 3 years when I turn 62 and devote my life to Paraguay Hecho a Mano and our artisans!

Please email me at carol.pope[at] or call on my US cell at 414-530-9553 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              414-530-9553      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.  I will be going to Paraguay Oct 11 to th 17th and then again in Dec 19 to Jan 17.


Carol Vollmer Pope
President, Paraguay Hecho a Mano USA, Inc.

Welcome to Expat-blog, Michelleleopard! :)

Hope that other members get in touch with you soon as well.

Good luck


I can help you with this, I am an american who is living in paraguay.  I owned a house and apartments in the u.s. and was looking at building apartments with the blueprints that i had but after making calculations the property bubble here makes the one (2007-2008) in the u.s. look like nothing.  When this thing explodes it will be ugly.

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Just bought in Aregua. Renovating Now.  Moving there from Spain soon with my Paraguaya Wife.

Can you explain that?

I bought a property in 2008 and after renovations opened it up as a B&B. The business rose to No 1 choice  on TripAdvisor was reported on in La Nacion and if I'm correct your programme filmed a family on our premises during your last visit.
Property ownership and settling in to Paraguay can be a gruelling process which requires a real wish to achieve. The country itself has a lot of limitations and other than some wonderful people I'd say doesn't have an enormous amount of diversion to offer.
Would I do it all again ? Probably not in Paraguay.

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