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Hi Guys,

This is to inform you that I have been offered an opportunity as Manager in Risk in an Reputed MNC.
HOwever, I am bit confused regarding the offer as the there is not much difference in the currency rate, 32% flat rate of tax, and also the expensive living in Manila. I am currently based in Kolkata, India.

Would be great if anyone can help me to understand as to how much should I negotite for a nine years of experience and also provide and help me understand cost of living in Phillipines. I am a single who would be soon married.

Looking forward for your kind help and taking a decision.


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I would suggest you browse and participate on the Cost of living in Manila forum. You might find some info in regard to your query.

Hopefully other members will help you out with your job related matters.

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Hi ....

Thanks for the info..However, if any body could help me witha detailed list.

They are offering me 1,000,000 Peso P.A. in Manila.

How much can I expect to save after the taxes and an average standard living.

Kindly Help!!!!


You are right. Living in Manila is costly than Kolkata (especially in india). You Calculate like this.
Your monthly salary would be around PHP 83,333. I take round figure PHP 84K
Your tax would be deducted around 32% so around 26K would be your tax.
You got in hand around PHP 58K or may be PHP 60K which is equal to Indian currency INR 80K.
Cost of living is high in Manila but it can be managed if you know the places. Grocery like fruits are costly in normal market also. (Note:- Never go to Mall to buy fruits or Vegetables, it will be damn costly. like 90peso for one Apple.) Indian stuff like spices or daal will also be costly.
Liquor is very cheap as compared to India and Bars and Pubs are also cheap. Public Transport is as equal as to india, not a very big difference.
Accommodation can make a difference. What kind of life style you need? if you need luxury like having a flat in society, could be costly like 20+K pesos. if you only look for an apartment one BHK or Two BHK in normal home, it might be around 7-10K and it would be Okay place to stay, not cheap not very luxury.
since your are single, your monthly expenses to eat normally (outside on working days and weekends), i would say around 10K minimum.
Including everything, i would say you have to pay around Rent + Electricity+ water+ food+Misc 12K+1K+1K+10+10=34K. So you left with 24-25K (58K-34K= 24K or 25K approx) which is around 33K Indian rupees. 
by the way where is your job located? Is it in Manila, Makati, BGC, Taguig or anywhere else. I stayed in Philippine for sometime and I lived the local life over there. you can message me in i will help you. There are way to stay and save money.

Hello Guys,

I live in manila. I get 1500 Dollar in a month. My expense 800 to 900 dollar.

Hi all,

Required help, I stay in BGC.. Cost of living in BGC is higher, I definitely agree. I'm  looking out.. My Office is @ BGC.. I'm currently paying 27000 Pesos for fully furnished apartment .. my expenses are also higher.. like someone had mentioned the fruits n vegetables are really costly in malls.. so where do i get them..

Also how about the security if i"m going to stay outside BGC. In BGC it is awesome.. Please guys give me suggestions..I can spend around 1500 USDs per month.. so please suggest

Hi Ramsun

You can get c5 road..acacia and cypress towers
17k for studio apartment...24k for 2 br

Only 4 Kms away from bgc

I am 12 th passed out.... इस there any job for me in manila Philippines.... And what would be sallary.

No jobs,  no salary.

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