How to get newborn baby visa?

I am studying master degree in China and i am gonna birth this summer so how i am gonna take visa for my baby. My husband is foreigner too.
Is there anyone know about family visa for studying  Master degree students?

What visa does your Hubby have?

Anyway not a problem.

The baby get's a dependant visa tied to your visa.

In which city are you?

If in Beijing or Shanghai I can help

@Manlin. Thank you for your pleasure. How i am gonna contact with u to ask more information?

You just contact the Embassy (sometimes called High Commission) of your country and they first have to issue a passport for your child once it is born. It can be your embassy or your husbands - depends on your joint decision and prevailing laws. Essentially you may be able to give your child two citizenships depending on rules applying in home countries.

When the child's passport has been issued you then apply for a dependent's pass. I would suggest you just check out with the education ministry who issues your current student visa what is necessary to make the application e.g. birth certificate etc. That way you will be prepared and ask for the right papers at the hospital where the birth takes place.

TWO citizenships???   

Not if one of the parents is Chinese. 

China does not permit dual citizenship.

It the parents are from two  (or more) different countreie then depending on thier countries' policy they can inherit the parents citizenshipssssssss.

Hi Bunny87,

Our babies were born in a Chinese birthing hospital. 

My wife is Chinese, and I am American. Automatically, they are given a Chinese birth certificate and citizenship. They have until they are 18 years old to become Americans.  This is pretty much automatic and all that needs occur is to show their birth certificate and my passport information at the Guangzhou consulate.

I could, without their permission, automatically sign the papers myself. However, I really question if providing them American citizenship would be a wise thing to do. I know America.

For school, I would encourage them to study outside of both the United States and China.  That way they are well on the path to having three citizenship options.

As every expat knows, there are great advantages to having multiple citizenship.  You don't want to keep all your property investments and life tied into one nation.  If it goes "belly up" so does your life. Some good articles on this is by Mr. Black...

be careful tho, China doesn't support multi-nationality. My wife also Shanghainese, so my son automatically got Chinese citizen and only have Chinese passport. If your kid has two passport or citizenship, my suggestion is do not let anybody knows about it.  :)

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