Study VISA and Koh Samui Schools

Hey guys and girls,

My girlfriend and I have been living here on tourist visas since Nov 2014 and wanted to extend our stay in magical Koh Samui for about a year, so we investigated every painful option and study visas were the ticket :)

I can honestly say the entire process was exhausting and we're glad it's over, but we've been approved yay!!

There's a tonne of information to read and countless hours researching every option, as well as driving around the island for 2-3 days checking out all the schools. Curriculum choice is limited (I'm Australian and needed to study Thai, and my gf is Russian and wanted to study English).

On our first day of driving around, we visited several schools who we found not very helpful. Considering the cost for one year and the fact that they complete and submit all your paperwork for the immigration office approval, it was a bit daunting for me... as we'd heard some horror stories of declined visas due to poor paperwork which is out or your control..

Then my gf spoke to her friend who was studying at a school which was on our list but we hadn't visited. She took us to the school the following day and introduced us to several of the teaching staff. Immediately I could see they were a step above other schools on the island. They provided great tips on the forever changing legislation, and made the initial paperwork process seem simpler. They also gave us useful tips when dealing with the embassy in Malaysia for visa travel, visa passport stamps etc.

We officially started our studies last week and it's great. The classes a small enough so you feel like you're getting special treatment :)

Looking back on it, it's all the little things, tips and advice they provided which saved us a lot of time. Anyone who's traveled to Thailand will know that when dealing with the government, embassy or immigration office, it can feel like you're hitting ur head against a wall, and you can lose a full day or more if one piece of gov paperwork isn't correct in their eyes lol..

I know if I had that time again it would be better spent snorkelling or playing football so I'm more than happy to save people a few days of headache.

I never thought of using forums until I had to go through a process like that lol.. and looking around I don't see much advice on the topic which is why I decided to open one.

Drop me a line at bijou-23[at] and I'd be happy to help in more detail :))

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