Motorcycles in Mauritius

Hello everyone,

I'm planning to move to MRU and was wondering if I should import my Vmax or buy a new bike.

Is there a used motorcycle market form which to chose? If is it expensive? If yes, should I import mine?

I've read couple of articles about importing but none of them where very precise on the procedure and cost of importing...

Thank you!

I have the same question for my motorbike .a Honda 650 ccm

I'm thinking of importing a Harley Davidson, any idea if there are age restrictions for bikes.
And what tax do you have to pay

Please help

Hello Sickofuk,

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This topic has been inactive since 2015; you probably won't find an answer here.

I would suggest that you start a new thread of your own on the Mauritius forum so that our members may provide some guidance in regard to your query.

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