How is Benalmadena?

Hi all, I'm Joe from Galway, Ireland. I have decided to move Torrequebrada, Benalmadena from October. I'v decided to take early retirement at 50 cos I really dislike the dark and very cold winters here on the atlantic ocean.

I have never been to Benalmadena so I was wondering if anyone knows what sort of a place it is to live in during winter.

I'm a newbie here so not sure how this site works yet.


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Hi Joe,

I used to live in Galway myself :)

I just moved to Benalmádena in March 2015, so I guess I can't tell you much about the weather. So far it hasn't been too good though :(

Since you mentioned Torrequebrada, I guess you must have made arrangements for accommodation already? If not, I can give you the name and number of a real estate guy (who is from England I guess), and it was fun to make business with him.

Please contact me if you need further info.

Talk with you soon!

Can you give me the name of English agent please. Looking for long term rental. Lived in torrequbrada previously but had to return home. I'm now looking to return .

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Since I think we cannot post commercial links here or advertise something, I have sent you a private message about this. Thanks.

If you are not already tied to Torrequebrada, I would suggest you investigate Fuengirola. 
I started out, early retired when I was 48, in Arroyo de la Miel, part of Benalmadena,.  I moved a few times but for 13 years, I have lived in Fuengirola.  It is less of a 'tourist town' than Benalmadena in general.   And, although maybe not a problem now, it is more or less flat,, unlike Benalmadena which either uphill or downhill where you go.

Benalmadena is a very modern touristic beach city ... too artificial for me and you must know with high hills to climb . I know some british living there for 7 years now and they enjoy a lot the city . Very quiet on winter and very crowded on summer . The weather is sunny most of the time . Not cold at all on winter ... this is the spanish south  coast so you will love having a lot of sunny days. You will met a lot of british living there . I think Fuengirola is less touristic and have more spanish people ... I prefer Nerja and Marbella but you must compare .I suggest to you to visit the coast before to decide . You can rent for a short time ...and see.
Good luck

Onaria.   I am glad you have virtually repeated what said and agree with me. 

However, Benalmadena is a large municipality divided roughly into three distinct districts.

The beach,  which you mention is one part.  That is flat.

Arroyo de la Miel, originally a village  about 2 Kms from the beach, The railway station, with three trains an hour in each direction,  privides cheap and easy transport between Malaga, (including the airport)  and Fuengirola
Tivoli World amusement park is located there, as too is the cable car station which goes to the 771 meter summit of the  Calamorro Mountain,  From the summit there are a number of signed paths, with a total route length of 2,750 metres, which can be used by trekkers and mountain bike enthusiasts to head off into the mountains.  Several viewing points give great panoramic views of the Costa Del Sol, and on a good day the African Coast.

The old town of Benalmadena Pueblo, about 6 km inland from the beach, at about 300 mtrs altitude, which in the days of stage coaches, was a major stop on the Malaga to Cadiz route.  It can be reasonably described as one one the White Villages of Andalusia, with a Spanish character.

There are also quite large areas of open countryside and mountains with private villas.

And not to be forgotten the very attractive Paloma Park just 200 meter up from the coast..The park is entirely man-made and was opened in the 1980′s. Once you are in, it feels as if you are a World away from mass tourism, and usual tourist trappings.  It makes a great/free day out for all the family. The park has a large children's playground and a lake.  A beautiful place for a picnic too. Kids just love this park and the playground at the top of the park has a wonderful , huge climbing and activity centre. It also has the normal playground items and a smaller climbing frame for the smaller kids.

The park abounds in birds and there are 100′s of ducks, geese, pigeons, chickens, roosters, and peacocks. There is also a large pen with Emu's, and a compound with Mountain Goats. Even rabbits are hiding around the bushes.

I suggest that describing it as "a very modern touristic beach city." does not exactly do it justice.