Waiting for GC visa approval

Hi every one actually today when i called the Denmark Embassy regarding by Visa status i came to know that they have applied for hearing on 11th march and it would be out by 11th Apr.Now my concern is regarding my Husband visa can i apply immediately for green card visa by providing Funds or should i apply after going to Denmark.Please suggest me regarding this.


If it is not dependent you can apply at any time, if it is dependent you can apply only after you own an official address in denmark; its my opinion. When did you apply for GC ? and What is that hearing you are taking about?

thank you


Actually i am waiting for my gc visa approval so i have made a call to denmark embassy and got an update that they have it my application for hearing on 11th march and it should take about one month that means by 11th april so they asked me to call again by next week so that i will get an update.

yA it is a DEPENDANT VISA to my husband,it is cleasrly mentioned in Denmark gc visa site that if we want to accompany spouse along with us we can show some fund that we can accomidate them one for year and we can take them,so i thought to apply a dependant visa for my husband.Please let me know can i do it or not.

Hi its been 20th april. Did they give any decision. I am eager to know because they said for me the Decision will be given before may 1.

hi not yet, actually i came to know that before last week they are having public holidays in denmark so may be i will get the update in this week.Wil make a call today.I am hoping i will het the gud news by this week.I will update u once after getting the update.


I applied GC in  May 2014, After that I got a letter in July 2014 from Embassy regarding Educational documents send to Denmark high commission.After that  I got a Email in Oct. 2014 regarding some Experience documents &   Update documents of Funds, I provide all those documents within a week, But still I have not got any response from long time. So please any one tell me how much time taking for GC process according to current status. I have no update from long time.

Thanks in Advance


Hi All,

Today i made a call to denmark embassy and got a information that they have sent a letter on 15th april to my residential address in India regarding educational essessment and after receiving the letter only i will no the status.May its regarding additional document required or something else.I would like to know did any one received such letters and most of the time what do they ask for.Please share the information.

Hi Raosu,

I got a Email after 3-4  month, when i deposit my file, My case officer required some documents from my current and previous office regarding Weekly working hours detail and Current Fund proof documents, Then i sent soft copy within a week, after that I have no update regarding my file from long time


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