Require a Vocalist /Singer (Male or Female) & a Bassist for Gigs !!!

Looking for a vocalist & a bassist for gigs in Riyadh !

Hello....I would very much like to hear ur music in practice as I had my own band once and have experience in percussion and guitar....if not too much to ask....very interested.

Ummm glad to know MM, it will be a pleasure to have you aboard on our jamming session once it kicks off ...

Hello Burning Angel,

I would suggest you to drop an ad in the Classifieds section > Artists, musicians in Riyadh, for better views.

Thank you and good luck!
Marjorie :)

What kind of music you played...?
Coz i know how to sing.. i love pop, rnb and classic sometimes rock.

I know a Male musician who can sing and play the guitar really well. Is this still on?

Bro May I know your Contact Number ? ;)

Is this stint still available? i am a left handed guitarist/singer who could fill in your schedule.


I am a soprano, I can sing classical songs, jazz, musical theatre songs... I have experiance singing on stage and in public areas. I hope you contact me I would love to join.
thank you

@ elenagredly > Please note that this thread is old (2015), i would advise you to post an ad in the classifieds > Artists, musicians in Riyadh section.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

Hi Ms. Elena!

Wow so glad to know about your skills, sounds like PRO to me however i wonder if would ever get a chance to listen to you live!

And for the sake of any projects in future may I ask, if you would ever consider singing genre’s other than above? I mean Rock, Soft Rock, Pop & Country type songs along with some classical

Thank you,

It would be so kind of you to refer....


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