New members of the Italy forum, introduce yourself here – 2nd quarter of 2015

Hi all,

Newbie on the Italy forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Italy if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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ciao ,dear my question is that on premesso di soggorino i am travel to brazil or i am need visa,,,,,,,,,

Greetings to all readers, I have recently moved from London to Italy (Montecchio) near Pesaro and so I thought I would put a message up on here since I've been here for just over a month now. I am looking for work and would like help, advice or perhaps any info for finding work in bars, restaurants, hotels or warehouse work. It is my dream to live and work in Italy and I would like to fulfill this dream and yet, from every person I speak to I hear about this 'Italian crisis'. I don't want the uttering of a crisis to dampen my spirits of finding a job here in Italy. I am not fussy at all and would have to accept any job I find. I resigned from my last job (in London) working for Transport for London... yeah I know thats crazy huh? but surely there must be someone out there who knows the moves to make for a newbie in Italy. I have taken a risk and if someone knows any catering agency, or business that would be eager to take me on I would be absolutely grateful. It is a big change, having moved from the city of London to the Italian countryside, not everything is as convenient as it was in London but I still find myself more happy in Italy :)

Hi , I'm new to this. I'm at the Philippines right now and aiming to get the chance to experience the culture in Europe . :)

hi! my name's giada and i'm not really an expat...maybe only partially. i was born and raised in italy but left right after high school and lived in spain, us and uk so it's like i have different homes. i am a teacher, translator and musician and relocated to milan a little over a year ago. i'm looking to meet international expats to hang and musicians especially to create music. thank you!

My name is Mary Ann and my husband and I are planning to move to Italy in the next 3 years. I have been looking in the Cortona/Citta Della Pieve area for a house.  I am open to going more into Siena area but anything we like is just way over our budget. My husband is originally from Bologna and I am from NY. We are both professional Chefs in NYC. I have since left the food business - 25 years and 70 hours a week - you just have to say Basta!  My husband is still in NY but would like to trim down the time spent in NY and enjoy some time in Italy. Me, I am presently working for a worldwide Relocation company as an accountant - my first degree. 
We vacation in Italy every year. We mainly stay in the town of Cortona. We travel around searching out new food ideas for Brando to take back to the restaurants. I am so peaceful and tranquil in Italy. I never want to return back to the U.S.  I love the little towns, the antiquated ways things are done and , of course, the food and hearing Italian spoken constantly. We are looking for a 3 bedroom house about 200 Sqm and possibly with some garden and maybe even a pool. I want to take up residence in order to qualify for taxes and duty free moving fees. We are planning on taking some of our personal Household furniture. We are starting to weed out things we don't use anymore and giving our children some.
I look forward to any thoughts and ideas that anyone can offer and possible towns to look at. Presently its Cortona (which we know very very well) Cetona, Citta Della Pieve, and into Poggibonsi.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone
Mary Ann

Hi All..,

I am new member here, My name is Anne, come from Jakarta Indonesia and having working as an Architect for more than 5 years.
Hopefully, I could going to Italy someday.
However, I love to have lots friends.



My name is Kawsu kaddeh I live in Italy at villa samaritino Lugo. I speak English with small Italian. I am from the Gambia.

I am looking for jobs. I am an electrician
looking for employment and any kind of agricultural jobs or watchman jobs.

:) Hello everyone, I am Rain and I came from the Philippines. I have no job experience and I speak only English and Filipino. Guess it will be hard for me to look for a job huh? I am 20 and a student. I will be moving soon in Norway in a year but I really hope someone can help me find a part time job. Thanks!

Ciao all,

I moved to Ravenna from Scotland early this month because of my husbands work. At the moment I speak very little Italian but trying to learn. I would love to hear from any other expats in the area.


Hello Everyone :)  I am newbie here!
I am from Philippines. I am currently working  in Abu Dhabi, UAE  going 2 years. I dreaming to come in and visit in any part of Europe.

Hi... Sir o madam my name is daler Singh I working in Italy to last 13 years  now I lost my job and I have two child I want move in Sweden  help me plz thanks alot

Hello all

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Hello Friends!
This is Soumya and I'm from India. Planning to move to Milan with my husband in next couple of months. Looking forward to making good friends and gather information before landing there! Excited n Really want to travel n see every corner of beautiful Italy!
Looking forward for support from you all! 😊

Hello, I\ve just arrived in Italy! I thought I would say hello! I'm looking to meet new and exciting people!

Hey, I've just arrived in Lucca and would love to meet some new people! :)

Hi, nice to meet everyone. My name is Leo. I would like to conversate in English see you soon :-)

Hi everyone.

I'm Ali - I was born on the south coast of England but spent the last 22 years in Edinburgh.  Took the plunge and moved to Lucca a month ago.  Loving every minute  :) have a few friends already but always looking to meet new and interesting people.  If anyone would like to get in touch / meet for coffee and a natter, please let me know.

Hello everybody! My name is Tara.  I'm from Ireland. I will fly to Italy on Sunday.  I will be working in Florence as an au pair. I have been to Florence before but I would like to explore it more. I would like to make some new friends in Florence :)

Welcome to Italy  :)

Ciao Tutti! Hoping to move to Italy someday, i am working in the media back here in Singapore, wonder if there are any suitable jobs in Le Marche region?


Welcome to our new members to

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Hello, Just got done reading through the "Guide" section on this thingy. I would recommend it, particularly the FAQ section, which has direct links to not only Work Visas, but probably about a dozen or more Job sites that are international and have an Italy section (I am looking at Milan for textiles related work and management type things). It says that 20 % of Italy speaks English. 20% speaks French. That seems reasonable. Whatever prospects you might have in France are likely to be available. Northern Italy has a fair amount of Industrial produce, although it is "land locked" and rather on the chilly side (comparatively). Just in glancing through 3 or 4 of the Job sites, it looks like anybody who speaks English can work for a travel network of some sort, however they ask you have 2 years experience and be able to dress yourself "elegantly" (quote). So, if it were me, I would get a part time job in a travel shop and then you are "in like Flynn" as they say in Britain. (lol). Again, if it were me, I would try to avoid bars. For one thing, that sort of work is seasonal, you get laid off every few months which is depressing. Another thing is that it doesn't look good on your resume, per se. You can get paid just as well (or better) working in a library and it looks considerably more professional on your resume, when you apply to the next option. You might also want to study French in your off hours, that probably would open some doors.

Hello Kathryn, congratulations on your husband's new job! How exciting! As fate would have it, last night I was reading a book about Ravenna's history in the Early Christian Church (the history of Architecture is one of my hobbies, go figure). I think you might find it entertaining to visit some of the local historical edifice's. Maybe if you kept an online blog of your historical explorations, you would find people would subscribe or post? Even if you don't hook up with expats locally, having people subscribe to your own blog about Ravenna can be similarly rewarding. When Rome was in decline, the last Emporer Theodosius 1 (year 395) divided the Holy Roman Empire between his sons who then ruled Constantinople and Rome, respectively. Since Rome was under attack by the Ostrogoths (german types from the Alps) his son Honorius moved his capital to Ravenna, (year 402).Ravenna was sacked in year 476, but recovered by Justinian in year 540. Thus remained united with the Byzantine Empire until year 751. Try visiting some of the Churches and Holy sites that were established at that time, they are extraordinarily famous and important. The mosaics in Ravenna are unequalled. For example: Justinian founded San Vitale Church, in year 526. The mosaic portraits of Justinian and Theodora are EPIC.  San Apollinare Nuovo was established by Theodoric next to the palace of Theodoric in 493, later with added panels by Justinian in 525. There are many other examples. Photographs of these and the historical  back history will provide you with an international audience of immediate friends, I assure you. Besides these, the Early Christian Architecture of Rome is quite profound, both spiritually and aesthetically. There is hardly space here to address Rome, but suffice to say the Catacombs are quite interesting. Try looking into the Tomb of St Agnes, for example. If you lack conversational companions, a personal blog about the local sights will get you plenty of friends, trust me!  :)  Best Wishes in your new home~  :up:

Hi there! My name is Claire and I have just moved to Milan from Canada to work as an au pair for eight months. I am a musician and am looking to meet other English speakers with similar interests. If you'd like to meet up, that would be great!

Ciao! We arrived  to milan with my husband  and a 10 month old baby girl:) looking for friends and mommies who dont work so we can go out for a stroll with our kids!:) maybe we can also do some sports?
I would love to learn italian  and master italian  cooking! Any suggestions?

Hi?Am damary afandi age28 from main aim to italy is working as  a housekeeper and.learning new culture. thank you.

I am sherif, living in bologna Italy. am for work in bologna, kindly help me to get work. thanks.

Hy im maryum,lives in from pakistan n new to italy n this forum too,i want a female friend who can guide me


Plenty of reasons for why I would like to consider Italy as my next home.. Can't begin to really name them all.. among those reasons is that I fell in love with the cities and Rome in specific, and that I have friends and relatives there.
As for what I see myself doing there, it's helping couples with their wedding preparations.. A wedding planner with design and art skills :)

Hi, my name is Kate ,lives in Italy but love travelling to the states  and visiting new people not in Italy cos already know it much  so I will appreciate other places can I  be introduced to other members in new York. thanks....

Ciao! My name is Monse I´m mexican and I want to meet some italians because I really love this country and I want to practice my italian

hello maya,i read your want to move milan end of this not italian but i live in milan two years now.i speak english if you need any information about milan i can help you.i'm from bangladesh i'm working hear before i come to milan i working in paris before paris i study in london.anyway my name is :moni

Hi All... Ciao a tutti,

I am new to this forum. I think that it´s of great help for those who plan moving to Italy and other coutries in Europe.
Despite the crisis that surrounds Italy, I seek some advice for the region of Turim and the IT market.

Any one?

Algum brasileiro doido o suficiente que foi para essa região e pode me dar alguns conselhos? Rsrsrs..

Grazie Mille/Thank you/Obrigado....

My name is justice arinze
I am from Nigerian and I am living in in magenta, Milan Italy
I love Italy and I want to stay here to make a better living
Italy is beautiful and a nice place to be.

Hi Eka! I'm Rose from Philippines.So you speak Italian well (parla bene?)

Am Mike,

Adventurousness is my driving force

Hard worker and faces challenges like a bull

Hello everyone

I am new here

From Saudi Arabia.

Right now i am in my city Alkhobar particularly in my Salon having relaxing session.

Interested to meet new people.

Hi! Welcome to the forum Bizoo 😄

I'm amry.I'm from sri Lanka. I like to move Italy anybody can help me contact in whatsapp this is my what's app bomber 0094774464104 plz contact in this nomber

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