applying a visa for belgium

I'm cathy, we've been married for almost a year now in philippines since last year may 2014, , my husband is a belgian citizen ,  which he choose to live and moved all his belongings (things) in a container ban from belgium to philippines, he bought a house for us to live and a car which is all in my name because that is the law in philippines, foriegn cannot own a land, that is all his idea as he like the weather and he is  in pension which is a little bit cheaper to live here than in europe.

my concern is , this coming May he has a returned ticket to belgium that cannot be refunded and it will expire on may 3, and he wanted me to go with him for a short visit, how i will apply a visa  for he don't live there anymore, but he has the billing address from brothers residence . i try going to the agency and paid 35k pesos to help me apply, and he said i need a sponsor letter from his brother in belgium also a pensioner not working anymore. the wife  has work but don't want to give some help.

is there any other option for me to apply a short visa?

thanks for reading.


Hello Cathy,

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In the time being, I would suggest you to have a look at this article in the Living in Belgium guide section > Visas for Belgium

Thank you and Good Luck!
Marjorie :cheers:

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