employment visa is not valid in bahrain


I came to india on a 1 month leave and its been extended by another 20 days due to unavoidable situation. I already informed the leave extension to my employer but when i check in LMRA site with my CPR no, it shows as " employment visa is not valid".

Im bit confused like what does it "employment visa is not valid" and is it means the employment visa is cancelled or blacklisted.

Please clarify.


Hi Shahul.
Sorry to hear about this. I know this can be worrying but please don't worry about it.
I don't want to speculate but there can be many reasons for example your visa may have expired and your employer may not have renewed it or they have not paid their monthly fees, etc.

The best people to ask is your employer or the LMRA as to the reason for this status.
You may also want to check on the LMRA website as to whether your employer reported you as being absent from work without their permission.

All the best.



Sorry to hear about the situation, please have a word first with your employer first, if your are able to fix the issue well and good else its illegal for a employer to cancel a visa according to LMRA


Contact LMRA, send them an email or cal them and explain them the situation

good luck


Your boss may have cancelled your visa, contact him for an explanation. If no response contact LMRA

As per labour law, no employer can cancel visa of an employee while on leave. So it must be some other reason. Please find out from LMRA asap

Hi Shahul,
I hope you are okay.
I see you have liked my post.
Am just wondering if you had any feedback about why your visa was not valid which you may want to share with other members for their future use?

Hi sir im joyce from Philippines. Im only four months here in bahrain. In four months ive encounter 4 sponsored!! I have a question about my situation.
When i came here i know my apply is housemaid. I work in house for only one week. After that i work in salon in galali nd i got my visa fro that salon. But my sponsor turn me back me in my agency. After that ill find again new sponsor and i work again in salon but after 1 months my sponsor talk to me that she can pay my agency so she decide to turn me back again in my agency. After that one spober came from my agency and get me . my agency saud for only 1 month so i accept this work as a housemaid. After 2 weeks my agency saud u need to stay here. I tell them that the litle boy always bit me but they ignore me. I decide to search my cpr number from LMRA website and i found my visa is a beautician. At that time that is valid. But now i search again my visa is invalid.
My question is if i have right to complain about my situation? Is it allowed skilled worker work in house as a housemaid?
Is that right that my agency always tell that i dont have visa as skilled?
Is it okay that my cpr keep my agency anf tell that i dont have?
If my visa as skilled is not valid? I dont have right to complain?
Thanks im waiting for your response

Hello sir i m shabbir i was applied for the Bahrain visa and the status shows employment visa is not valid wht is means of employment Visa is not valid these is first time ever i was applied for the Bahrain visa and the status shows employment is not valid can you please let me know what happened

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